Winning The Lottery With Guidance Of The Law Of Attraction

Do Winning the lottery & the Law of attraction work together?


Yes. It’s True. Winning the lottery and the Law of Attraction collude. Take your chances and create all of the opportunities you will ever need.

Don’t leave the game!

Instead, you will feel the excitement of success.

And you will experience the happiness of the right decision to take all of your chances.


winning the lottery with the help of the law of attraction


What are some other things that could be interfering with the Law of Attraction working for you?


You win the lottery by bringing yourself into the feeling of winning the lottery, not by knowing it’s already happened.

This is the main ingredient!


The Law of Attraction also can be used to increase the luck of lottery players.


You can think of this in terms of the Law of gravity. Think of the Universe like gravity.

The Law of Attraction is like a small, constant pull of gravity or the pull of a big, constant draw of money.

You use it by giving energy to the pull.

So when you think of winning the lottery, your thoughts must be positive.


manifesting the lottery


You don’t want to think of your odds.


  • Don’t leave the game.
  • Think of the Universe.
  • Think positive.
  • Visualize yourself winning the lottery.
  • Imagine all this in the same way you think of wanting to buy a ticket.
  • Feel the lottery ticket.


You just want to get yourself into the state of ‘winning.’

There are a couple of ways to do this.

The first way is to visualize winning the lottery, with a lot more detail, until it becomes a reality.

So the Law of Attraction, with the help of the other laws, can bring you much more than you expect.

You may win the lottery, and you won’t even be aware of it (how about manifesting a new job as a manager? or manifesting a dream house? to read more, click the link; it will open a new window in your browser).

First, you will be amazed, and then you will win it (more on using the Law of Attraction to win the lottery here; click the link, and a new window in your browser will get opened).

In the method I discuss below, you will use the Law of attraction to bring yourself into a state of ‘wanting’ the lottery ticket to be authentic.

You will visualize it in your mind and feel it.



You will have a strong desire to have the ticket in your possession.


You will be thinking of it as soon as you wake up in the morning.

In the evening, before you go to sleep, you will be picturing yourself winning it.

You will be thinking about it throughout your day, throughout the night.

It will be ‘in your power’ to get it.

You will think it in the same way you now think of wanting to buy a ticket.

The Law of Attraction gives you enough fuel to require it and to believe that you will get it.

It just works the magic of ‘believing.’

The most challenging step is probably imagining yourself getting the lottery ticket.


 Does imagining and believing in extremely happy life situations like winning a lottery or being gifted a house etc., really make them come true as stated by the Law of Attraction?


It takes a strong desire.

That is why it’s so crucial that you visualize it right away!

You need to feel that intense passion in your heart to have the lottery ticket.

You must be sure that this is what you want for you to win the lottery.

It’s essential to write it down and put it in your wallet or purse (read more here and here).

You must feel that ‘want’ in your heart for you to be able to win it.


law of attraction winning lottery


It would be best if you visualized it; make yourself believe that it is yours.


The Law of Attraction can work for you even if you don’t have a single dollar to put down on the lottery.

It just depends on your mindset.

The reason you need to visualize winning the lottery is that you want it badly.

You will find it hard to believe that you can get it.


You must be sure that you want it in your heart.


Sometimes, you need to put down a lot of money on the line for the Law of Attraction to work.

Remember, it is more important to SEE something true to yourself than to have a lot of money.

It is more important to feel true to yourself than it is to have lots of money.

Visualizing the lottery winner is very important for you to get it.

You have to be sure that the feeling is in your heart that you are the winner of the lottery.

It takes more energy and focuses on visualizing yourself winning the lottery than it does to visualize someone else winning the lottery.


waiting for several years


You are the winner of the lottery.


First, you must focus on the feeling in your heart that you are the winner of the lottery, then you must focus on someone else winning it.

It is hard to tell apart the thoughts.

Sometimes you may sense like you are winning, but that is not the natural feeling (if you are interested in reading more on manifesting money fast, click the link; it will open in a new browser).

It is hard to tell apart the emotions that are going down inside that you are not winning, and sometimes you can feel winning, and sometimes you do not.


The trick is to really feel yourself winning the lottery.


I know you may have heard of the lottery before, but it’s not the genuine lottery; it’s the Mega Lottery.

It is a simple one with all the money in the world on the line.


What is the secret to winning the lottery?


To win it, you need to focus on it.

There is an internal feeling that you must focus on.

The feeling that you are winning the lottery.

It is one thing to focus on something and see it, and know that it is yours.

It is something else to focus on something and really feel the sensation of it being in your palm.

You need to feel it in your heart, and you can feel it by holding a dollar in your hand.



waiting to choose the correct numbers




Is manifesting dangerous? I tried the 3 6 9 methods for a couple of days for my health and car but I heard it has karma. I’m so scared now. What do I do? I ripped the papers and threw them out.

Well, a complex answer is hard to get. You could understand better when I’m telling you this: you’ve probably seen or heard about the television game show called “The Price is Right.” Well, it’s just a cover, one of many, to what’s really a form of astrology. You see, many or most of the people who participate in “The Price is Right” are pretty aware that it is, in fact, a form of astrology.

How can I win the lottery using the Law of Attraction?

We are all born as zero and one and therefore have a certain amount of energy. Each person has the same amount of energy and the same ability to attract. One person can have more power, but that does not mean that that person will win the lottery. Therefore, it is essential to practice the Law of Attraction to get more lottery energy.

How can the Law of Attraction help you win the lottery?

I think that most of us have seen the movie “The Secret,” and even though we didn’t get what we were looking for (we know now that it isn’t secret after all), we learned something. We learned that we don’t have to wait for things to happen in a specific order. We discovered that we could just be in a state of “attraction.” We learned that it could get us what we want at a faster rate than waiting around will. And most importantly, we learned that the Universe does indeed respond quickly to our thoughts. If we just focus on what we want and focus on it long enough, the Universe will give us what we want, just like in “The Secret.”interesting waiting law of attraction lottery

Does the Law of Attraction work for the lottery?

Lottery players think that the Law of Attraction is working for them. Does it work for you? As a lottery winner and lottery player myself, I can say, without hesitation, that it works M-M-M. Millions of dollars are on the line. People who think they will never win believe they will never lose. They think they are stupid.

Has anyone practiced the Law of Attraction and won the lottery?

If you are doing some of the exercises, you should be able to attract the winning numbers. To practice this, you will need a whiteboard and a couple of cards. You must first write down your numbers (0 to 9) on the whiteboard. You are to write these down in the order they appear on the wheel, starting with zero. You can achieve this in your head or using a sheet of paper and a pen. Once you have done this, find a blank card and write the numbers on it. For example, I had the card say 9, 5, 4, 2, 1. You are now to repeat this process, repeating the numbers you had written on the whiteboard as the lottery numbers.


law of attraction lottery success stories

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