Reduce Self Defeating Beliefs Before Ruining Your Life.

We all have a collection of commonly held core beliefs about ourselves, about the future, and the people in our lives. These values are natural to us to the point that we are not consciously aware of them. Self-defeating beliefs are strongly associated with most human distress.

Learning to identify them can be tremendously helpful.


self defeating thoughts


By exploring behavior, thoughts, and feelings to understand self-defeating patterns and move towards the desired change.

You realize a life of compassion, humility, and gratitude.

The principles of the Law of attraction can help immensely.

They are often ignored although it shouldn’t be that way.

Once you become proficient at recognizing your self-defeating beliefs and cognitive distortions, you can begin to reach for better feelings and thoughts.

First, identify where you are, then determine where you desire to be.

Next, reach for a better feeling thought by changing the narrative you are telling yourself.

If the thought is ok with you, keep going. When you feel like the thought doesn’t make sense, or isn’t graphic, pause at that activity for a bit.


What is wrong with me? Why do all these self-defeating thoughts keep tormenting me?


Beliefs contribute to thoughts, and thoughts result in feelings. Eventually, feelings form experiences.

How do I align my mind, body, and soul?  “Your thoughts are based on the beliefs and opinions that you have from your previous lifetimes that perfectly align mind, body, and soul.”

Your defeating thoughts and self-defeating behavior don’t imply there would be something wrong with your mental health.

Your defeating beliefs, your anxiety, your defeating panic sometimes mean simply you are on the search of some kind of perfectionism, of some natural therapy for your life, for your destiny.

It might be that at your job, your program frequently goes over time.


Law of Attraction. Follow Your Passion…


The feeling is what you want more of, and if you want, for instance, to win the Lottery more than anyone else, you need to use the Law of attraction.

The easiest way to do that is to visualize winning the Lottery.

This is a powerful method because you will start to change your feelings and begin to attract what you want to attract.

This is important because once you have some of what you want, you want more.

No more a defeated attitude and negative self-beliefs. You begin to attract more.


And then you begin to attract more.

You need to change your current feelings and then start to feel what you want more.


working hard at night


Next step: get rid of what you don’t want.


You don’t want the Lottery, or you don’t want that girl, or you don’t want to be late for work. Each of these things can be achieved by using the Law of attraction to get rid of it.

For example, if you don’t want to see her or be late for work, don’t allow yourself to be drawn to that girl by letting her know you don’t want to see her either.

She will take the opportunity to ask if you want a ride to work, and you can say no.

Then you can change the feeling you have to be with being late.

You don’t want to be late; you find a way to be late.


Is nihilism a self-defeating philosophy? You don’t let your opportunity pass you by.


You don’t want to see the girl you don’t want to see. You find a way to change your feeling to the feeling that you want to see her, and she will take the opportunity to come to ask you.

Now you have a clear picture of the girl you want to see, and she won’t give you a chance. You’ve had your chance, and you’ve taken your chances.

Then she will get less, and you will find more. She will feel the opportunity to ask if you want to go on a date, and you will respond by saying no.

Then you go on dates instead of not going on dates. You give yourself a chance. You don’t let your opportunity pass you by.


Self defeating beliefs. Don’t leave the game to chance.


You are now on the path to success by using the Law of attraction to take your chances and create all of the opportunities you will ever need. Don’t leave the game to chance.

Instead, you will feel the excitement of success and the happiness of the right decision to take all of your chances (find out more on this fascinating stuff by clicking here and here).

The Law of Attraction by Joe Vitale (HarperCollins, 2007) is one of the most helpful self-development books I have ever read. It is written by someone who has successfully used the Law of Attraction to get everything he has ever wanted.


cycling in the rain


This is how you can also use the Law of Attraction to get everything that you desire.


The book is full of examples of success stories of successful people. Most of these people will have been unsuccessful at one time or another. Now they are using the Law of Attraction to become successful.

You see, success has become such an accepted part of life that those who have achieved it are so proud of their achievements that they are willing to share them with others. The authors do not judge – they simply explain to you how it is done.

“No one has succeeded in using the Law of attraction without being open to the possibility. It’s just a matter of letting in the right type of photons.”

The book demonstrates to you how you can use the Law of attraction to increase your own success and also to achieve the success of others. You can also use this Law to make your own luck and that of others (if you are interested in reading more about a vibrational match to someone, somewhere, click the link; it will open a new window in your existing browser).

The Law is open to all people and situations that can be attracted. You can use the Law of attraction to take the chances of success.

You can also use this Law to start to get the opportunities you need to become successful.


The book teaches you how you can develop yourself.


The author encourages you to live fully. This means taking chances, and by doing so, you can become the person you have always been.

I found an elementary explanation of the Law of attraction in the book. The way the book explained the Law of attraction, I assumed that this book teaches the simple principle of attraction.

However, I was very disappointed to discover that it is not as simple as this.


self-defeating thoughts examples


The Law of attraction works by aligning the minds of those who are interested in something.


This is done by showing them the opportunity to achieve this thing you want.

When you create the opportunity for others, you give them a chance.

“All those who wish to prosper, make it available for others.”

The author did not explain in sufficient detail how you can obtain the thing you want. However, the author did hint at ways you can use the Law of attraction to create many opportunities for others. It is really unclear how you can use the Law.

“Your beliefs will be your greatest weapon and shield.”

Beliefs are what you have learned to believe in. As a result, you have built many of your defense mechanisms and habits from experience.

The Law of attraction does not explain how you can re-build your defense mechanisms and practices to align with your desire. The author did not elaborate on this. However, the author did mention that as you change your mind, you can also change your life.

“You’ll be able to tap into the subconscious part of your mind.”

The subconscious mind is the part that is hidden from conscious experience.


It is the portion of the mind that is not under your conscious control. It works entirely on automatic.

The Law of attraction has shown that we can alter our mind and reprogram our subconscious mind to change as we change our beliefs. It is really unclear how you can use this part of your mind (more on subliminal and Subliminals here; click the link0.

“It’s not about thinking about what you want; it’s about getting into motion.”

There is nothing wrong with focusing your attention on what you want. However, you cannot change your mind. The mind always works on automatic.

So, if you focus your thoughts and attention on what you want, then you are, in essence, moving in the direction of making your subconscious mind build the life you want.

And the Law of attraction does help you change the life of whatever you focus your attention on.

However, it does not explain how you can effectively change the subconscious mind and habits. You can do this, but there is a catch.

“The Law of attraction only starts to work after you’ve been inspired. You need to be inspired to do something incredible.”

moments in a relationship when you need to leave


Incredible new opportunities. The Law of attraction is about creating opportunity.


What the Law of attraction does is create some incredible new opportunities. New ideas and opportunities.

The Law of attraction is about creating opportunity.

However, there is a limit to how many of these wonderful occasions you can have. There is no limit to the chances that the Law of attraction can create.


How do I deal best with self-defeating thoughts? When you are inspired to do something, you do it.


But if you do not have enough self-belief to follow through with it, then you do not. Then you become that negative voice that is saying, “I cannot do it.”

I feel that the Law of attraction is not only effective but efficient without a doubt.

The only catch is that you must understand this. If you do not believe that you can do something, it will be challenging to follow through. The fact is that you do not need to understand that you can do it.

All you need to do is be inspired to do it.

I’m not telling you that it is easy. The fact is that you can do it; there are no limitations on the Universe.

Yes, there are limits on what we can do and achieve, but it does not mean that the Universe is limited. We have no limitations on the Universe.

We just have a different understanding of what limits the Universe.


self-limiting beliefs and ignorance


The Law of Attraction requires a lot of faith.


Yes, it would be best if you had faith that you can do it.

However, faith does not require that you know 100% that you can do it.

Faith requires that you follow through with it.

Then, when it is done, you will know it. I am telling you that you need to follow through and take action, not because you know it will work out, but because it will make you feel good.


You will feel good because it was your desire, and that is what matters.


That is why you need to follow through with the Law of attraction.

The Law of Attraction is for YOU and everyone.

Not for YOU, but everyone.

That is why you need to follow the Law of attraction for the Universe, not for you.

Then, the Universe will give you whatever it needs to fulfill its purpose.


self defeating behavior




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