Manifesting Money Fast. Abundance With The Law of Attraction

Fast abundance. Money manifesting is in your spirit, in your will.

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Many people have a distressed relationship with money. As a result, they have trouble manifesting money and abundance fast into their lives.

Hence, they never reach the financial success they desire.

One of the crucial reasons the wealthy have no problem getting richer is that they see the money they don’t have as abundant and acquirable.

By reading this blog post, you will come nearer to all these concepts; it is not rocket science as a lot of subjectivity is inside.

Please, consider these words with a grain of salt (for some people they work, for other people they don’t). Read the F.A.Q. as well.




Law of Attraction and Money


Many people who subscribe to this theory do not realize that thoughts and emotions are actually the same.

In fact, they are two facets of the same coin.

Consequently, there are three types of ideas: positive, negative, and zero.


All thoughts are energy.


They all vibrate at a specific frequency.

As such, they all attract similar things.

Positive thoughts have the power to make things more positive, more successful, or more desirable.

And consequently, negative thoughts can make things more hostile, unsuccessful, or undesirable.

And finally, a zero thought has the power to make things zero or to make things whatever the person believes on a zero level.

When people begin to believe positively, they can start to experience positive things, like, success, money, and success on a romantic level.

Similarly, negative thoughts, while they still exist, can only affect your relationships.


Your subconscious mind…


The power of ideas lies in how you can hold the thought to be attracted to your subconscious mind.

It is because your subconscious mind is designed to be the place where your concept is converted into reality.


no money at all for him


Once thoughts become true, they can only bring more positive images.


Negative thoughts, on the other hand, can only occur when you are holding negative thoughts, like, “If I do not get this money, I will never be able to pay for my bills,” or “If I go out tonight, I will get drunk and stupid,” or “If I do not win this money I will lose face,” or whatever you might think of.

Negative thoughts become a zero, the place where your opinion becomes just another idea in your mind (if you are interested in finding out more about manifesting abundance with the right mindset, click the link).

Because these thoughts are only a zero, they can only become true if you believe that you already have this money in the bank or that you will go out tonight and get drunk and stupid.


Your thoughts also give you what you are thinking about.


For example, the most successful people do not believe in any negative thoughts because all they do is carefully determine what they believe.

They do not think about not having money, so they do not think about going out (more about this here and here).

They go out, and as a result, they get more money.

The three types of positive, negative, and not positive thoughts are also called, in German (pardon my German; I’ve checked the translation but I cannot be sure as I don’t speak the language; please, re-check if you are interested), the “Gestalt,” and these will give you the key to success.

It is the key to your happiness or lack of (for instance, are you dreaming of how to manifest a house? If yes, keep reading here).

For example, if you do not believe that you can have money in the bank, you will not get money.

“Winning” means “Think about what you want,” and “Being” means “Act as if you have it already.”



This is the key to happiness or lack of it.


What you think about will be given to you, so think and act as you have it already.

There is no other way.

Do not make up other ideas because this will not work.

You cannot make up another way of going to win money because this will not work.


Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)


How does manifesting money work?

I was flipping through channels and stumbled upon a program that explained the steps involved in manifesting money. It was very informative, and the techniques described are compelling, but one approach really stood out. I cannot answer here in a few words, but that answer is inspiring. In a future blog post, my answer will be there.

Is manifesting money a sin?

Some people believe that manifesting money is a sin. While this belief may seem absurd to some people, it is not to others. For example, some are not sure if they should give money to the poor. If you have such doubts or are unsure if manifesting money is a sin, you are not alone. Many scriptures say money is sacred.


abundance and manifestation


How can I manifest money quickly?

Your mind is a magical source of power. When you tune in to that source, you open the door to your inner riches. Your own mind has an unlimited source of creative energy. When you connect to that source, you can easily manifest money.

How do I subconsciously manifest money?

We hear a lot about the Law of Attraction, but the Law of Money is another law that plays a significant role in our life. Although both have to do with thought and emotion, the Law of Money is more complicated.

What was your first law of attraction experience manifestation?

Most people have what they perceive as a very disappointing manifestation experience. For example, you may have purchased a product, placed your order, received confirmation of shipment. Then no purchase came, or you received your order, but it showed up but was damaged in shipping. You may also have had the experience when you simply wanted to manifest something on autopilot, like putting together a project for the “exact” project money. Meaning it was unpleasant.


The key is not to be but to act.


I am not giving you another set of ideas. Still, I am giving you a compelling set of ideas that you need to act upon immediately.

You need to “Think Big” and “Act accordingly.”

This is the key to your success.

Do not hesitate, do not give up, do not even feel foolish for questioning this.

You have already taken the test, and you passed it.

You have already started moving on the path towards financial abundance.

You are not going to do it by yourself. It would help if you changed your thoughts immediately. You need to “Think Big” and “Act Big,” and you will become financially abundant.


interesting quote


You will live abundantly.


The Geistelkultur, Geistelkunde, and Geistelkindheit (this is German) is your ability to bring forth an abundant reality into your reality.

You do not want to work hard.

This is not working hard.


This is mental work.


The Geistelkultur is the ability to find your money, your money is in the key of your thoughts, and your emotions are not in the resolution of your mind.


How will you find your money?


Through education.

You will find it on your own.

You will not see your money by going to the banks and bankrolling the education of your money.

This is only going to create mental money.

You will not find your cash through your own education.

Your own education is to take the Geistelkunste and Geistelkindheit and work it out.

This is your ability to pull forth your desire.


Including your ability to bring along your passion.


This is also your ability to bring forth the Geistel, the “Good” into the Geist, the “Excellent.”

You are excellent in your ability to manifest.

You are unique in your ability to bring forth the Geistel, the Excellent, into the Geist, the Exemplary.

You have begun to manifest your prosperity, your wealth, and your financial abundance.

Now you only need to “Think Big” and “Act Big” to keep manifesting more and more money into your life.


manifesting wealth


Do you really believe that you can manifest money into your life?


Let me ask you something?

What are you thinking about or worrying about?

What happens if you don’t think about anything?

Well, whatever you don’t think about will come, in some shape or form.


You will attract into your life.


So you have to know what you are thinking about, your answers will come to you.

We spend so much time studying and worrying about the things we don’t care about.

If we don’t care about something, we won’t think about it, and the answer will come.

And it will go efficiently, like the Universe.

So we have to know that we will get what we are thinking about.


That is the key; we have to know.


It isn’t that important to understand how it all happens.

The key is to realize that it will come to us, which is the key, ultimately, to life and abundance.

We are all aware of the laws of the Universe.

We are aware of the Laws of gravity.

We know that the Law will take care of us and everything else we are creating in our lives.


We will be OK.


We can see the result, know the outcome of our actions, and see that it has happened.

We know that things will happen to us in a certain way.

What is so strange about the laws of the Universe is that we have set our intention, set our desires, and let the Universe answer.

We are aware of the laws of the Universe, we know that we will be OK, we are doing our natural part, the part we are obligated by our beliefs to do.


handshake and a book


There is zero we can do to affect the outcome.


All that we can do is give our power away from our attachment to lack and our expectations of things being different and give it to what is.

The result is the Law of Attraction, and that is the key.

The key is to understand that whatever we set our intention on, it is already here.


It has been here before; it always will be.


You can’t go back through time to the place where the Universe began.

The key is understanding that we don’t want things to change because things can’t change.

When you set your intention on something, the Universe, the creator, gives you what is.

The key is to provide the Law of Attraction to your choices, and it will manifest into your desires.

The nugget is to understand that what you set your intention on is what you will get.

If you give the Law of Attraction the energy of your desire, then the Law will provide you with that same energy in return.


Understanding that without even trying to achieve something, the Universe will consistently deliver what you wanted in the first place.


Here’s an example. When I’m thinking about my goals for the year and year-end is approaching,

I think about them; I’m getting them in a kind of vision board to manifest money fast. When I think about them, I know that it will be coming.

I say to myself: I attract money…


We don’t have to try really hard.


We don’t have to think about them; we just put our energy and focus on our goals.

That’s how the Law of Attraction works.

But if we are thinking that it is far away, if we aren’t prepared to experience the stress of the journey, then the Universe will deliver something else.

So if you are not very excited about your year-end because you are not prepared to be disappointed, then the Universe will provide something else instead.


So take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings.


Learn to give and receive.

Understand that there is a foolproof system in place for delivering your desires.

We cannot go back and change things.

There’s a timeline for things.

So give it your best shot.

If the Universe delivers something else, then it is because you did something different than what you are used to.

And that extra thing is your responsibility.


your free time and leisure


The Force of Positive Thinking


What is the Law of Attraction?


For centuries, mystics and spiritual teachers have known the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction can be thought of as the way the Universe or God in which we are a part responds to our thoughts and actions.

So while we may have a doubt or fear concerning a particular area of our life, the Universe will still respond to our thoughts and actions.

This is why we must continually be thinking positively and act accordingly.

Therefore, what we do is what we will attract in our lives.


How to manifest wealth or Instant manifestation money for everybody…


The book and movie “The Secret” really helped spread the word about the Law of Attraction.

If you search online, you will find many resources and organizations which teach how the Law of Attraction works.

“The Secret” is definitely a compelling book and movie.

But the truth is that no matter what we may have ever believed, if we are focused on our thoughts, there is a way that will start to come true in our lives.

This is the Law of Attraction.


The benefits of the Law of Attraction. 


I think we all know the benefits of the Law of Attraction.

If we are not sure what it is, it is most likely because we are thinking incorrectly.

We should all be focused on what we want and what we can have.

We have to be sure that what we believe is 100% honest and pure in our thoughts.

The Law of Attraction is a compelling force of the Universe.


To doubt or think otherwise is to be in the process of blocking the strength of the Universe.


Suppose we are assuming that we do not deserve happiness or the things we desire.

In that case, it is just that we are constantly attracting more negativity to us.


We must remember to be positive.


The Law of Attraction will act if we work with it, but we must be aware of our thoughts to make sure that we are thinking with it to generate the force of the Universe.

What we believe we will attract and we must accept that it will happen.


dream scenery


By assuming that we do not deserve good things, we will attract bad things.


We must work with the force of the Universe.

We should always keep our thoughts in the “flow of the Universe.”

We must not focus on the bad things that we want to happen. In our thoughts, we attract the things we want to happen.

If we concentrate on the good stuff, then the Universe will give us good things.

By thinking positively, we are thinking positively towards the items we want to achieve.

We must focus 100% of our thoughts on achieving what we want.


To think negatively is to block the force of the Universe.


We must understand the strength and accept it.

By thinking negatively towards the things we want, we can start to attract the things we want.

By focusing negatively, we can stop the positive thoughts.

By using affirmations to change our thoughts, we can begin to change our thoughts.


The more we understand the force, the less power will be used on us.


We must concentrate on positive thoughts for us to achieve what we want.

We must have positive emotions to change our thoughts.

By controlling the feelings, we can put the force on positive images.

When we feel good, we move our thoughtfulness towards good outcomes.

If we think negative, then it is the opposite of what we want to achieve.

When we focus on feeling good, then we focus on moving towards positive outcomes.


By controlling our emotions, the force will be on positive results.


We must find the things that we want to achieve and concentrate on those.

In the same way, when we encounter negative things that we want to achieve, we must focus on those.

If we focus on the negative, then the positive thoughts will be repelled towards good outcomes (more about this here and here; click the links, and they will open in new windows in the same browser).


Focus on positive, focus on positive.


This is the key to use the force correctly.

Concentrate on good results, and it will be good for you.


Think about money.

Thinking about money as a money magnet will potentiate your money manifestation.

It’s a specific free mindset of abundant life where the money comes to you like love (the hard work doesn’t exclude getting money fast as these are not limiting beliefs).


beautiful girl




P.SThank you for your interest! Please, consider my words and advice as a personal opinion. I am no guru, and, unfortunately, I cannot guarantee happiness (in wealth or whatever situation).

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