Manifesting Financial Abundance Till You’re Sick & Journal

Are you keeping a manifesting journal? Without it, you could manifest financial abundance and be worth nothing to the community!


Manifesting financial abundance is primarily a mindset attitude. You own nothing, and simultaneously you own the whole world. As a response, the Universe will reward you as it looks that the Universe would keep some kind of manifesting journal with positive people, with slow-and-steady-people and baby-step-and-you’ll-get-there persons.

Who are these people? Are you among them? If you aren’t, can you join them?

Can you access the riches?

Do you deserve the manifesting wealth?

That’s the central question here, and the answer to it would become apparent if you continue reading…


getting free and manifesting financial abundance in my manifesting journal


How to manifest financial abundance. Is It Free?


Prosperity is having trust in yourself and your fellow human beings so that we all can have our daily bread.

Our desire for a more prosperous life is natural.

Are you able to hold onto it?

Is it a dream that is a part of your psyche, a goal that you long to attain?

Or is it something you hope for but aren’t holding on to?

Now ask yourself, “Do I possess the tools necessary to accomplish my desire?”

And then reread those two questions, this time beginning with “You don’t have.”

If you’re not sure what those expressions mean, just wait a minute and read again and think; it’s going to become apparent.


What the Law of Attraction might do for you…


The Law of Attraction will help you manifesting financial abundance according to the following common-sense rules:

  • Don’t do things out of fear or obligation.
  • Be joyful about what you do.
  • Be honest and take responsibility.
  • Be willing to lose.
  • Keep an abundance manifesting journal.
  • Never forget that prosperity is your birthright, our birthright!


Prosperity is our birthright.


We all have so much that we can and should do.

But it is in the mindset that we create our successes.

To be prosperous, we must be capable of having positive solutions to the problems that we have.

This mindset shift is the clue to unlocking our prosperity.

It is in knowing that we are the solution, that we are going to make things work.

Prosperity is being able to hold onto this mindset that we have the power to change things and that we deserve to change things (it’s true: there are many limiting beliefs about money, trying to contradict any theory on financial abundance and manifesting money).


ballet between wisdom and wealth


Have you manifested financial abundance using the Law of Attraction?


When we start to know that we are the creators of our solution, we become more creative; we are under the influence of the Law of Attraction.

Our solution becomes our success.

When we look at our problem and get angry at ourselves for having this problem, we get out of balance (more on manifesting abundance here; click the link).

We lose the ability to solve, and we become out of balance.

The more we work on rage and anger at ourselves for having this problem, the angrier we become and the more difficult it is to create solutions.

When we start to visualize the explanation and think about the answer, we begin to move closer to its solution (more about manifesting money in this blog post; click the link).



We gain momentum towards manifesting financial abundance.


When we work on the solution, then we have the feeling of having it.

So the better we get at solving our problems and being the solution, the more we start to succeed.

So getting angry or getting frustrated at ourselves for having trouble is the first step out of balance.

Once we become the solution, we can hold our gratitude for having the key in our hearts, and we will have the courage to live it out and create more solutions.

Until we become the answer and know we are the creator of our success, we will continue to generate more failures (manifesting financial abundance is not easy…).


Manifesting financial abundance affirmations…


This awareness is where the key to becoming the creator of our prosperity lies.

But to get there, we need to get good at recognizing our anger when it shows up in our behavior and thinking.

We need to get good at stopping our action when it shows up, and anger does that like a criminal mind, and we need to do more than just change our thoughts; we need to change our whole behavior.

And then, we have to focus on our plans.

  • When we focus on anger, we can’t see the abundance around us. Instead, we will see barely how scarce it is. But when we focus on our creativity, we can see all the plenty in the universe.
  • When we focus on our anger, we concentrate on our frustration. Instead of focusing on our frustration, we can replace that with a focus on all the abundance in the world.
  • When we concentrate on anger, we concentrate on “I don’t know why I can’t.” Instead of focusing on what we do know why we can do it, we can change that to a focus on abundance.


more about you


How to manifest money & how NOT to manifest money…


What we think about and concentrate our anger on will show up in our behavior.

We can’t even recognize the abundance in the universe when we do that because we don’t see how plentiful it is.

If we do this enough, we can’t even recognize how free we feel to be smiling and how much we love life.

So when you see those old angry habits showing up in your life, recognize them for what they are and then change them (they have nothing in common with any money mindset and limit your possible abilities to manifest money).

This will change your reaction to “provocative” situations, creating more opportunities to be original.

When you do this, you will change your reactions to situations that will bring you into conflict and give you frustration and disappointment to bring on more anger.

Keep seeing the opportunities to get you into joy and stop seeing the “nothingness” around you as manifesting financial abundance is not far away.


When we start to be free, we become strong.


When we start to be free, we become strong (more about how to attract money into your life – click the link; it will open a new browser); then, we can conquer the world and become happy. So, it’s time for positive affirmations and flawless credit card balances.

It’s not easy to do because the things we center on are the things that drain our energy.

So let’s take a moment and identify the “provocative” situations that drain our energy and change those habits now that we’re aware through our sui generis abundance manifestation prayer (see how hard it is winning the lottery, how low are the chances, mathematically speaking; click the link, it will open in a new browser).


Eliminating the provocative situations draining our energy out…


You can do this by “feeling” the anger out of you instead of letting it build up.

When you do this, the thoughts of the rage in you will start to lose their power, and you can begin to feel free.


By feeling it out, you get more of it.


Feeling it in your heart, while you’re doing it, you’re thinking about how free you are and how free you want to be.

And then it will start to “leak” out through your thoughts.

See how easy this is?

As you do this, you’ll learn new habits of being free in your life.

You’ll also keep your energy abundantly flowing, which is the key to happiness.

Savor it while you can.


manifesting journal


Prosperity is simply the ability to experience financial success.


We need money to thrive.

But being prosperous is more than just having money.

Prosperity is creating solutions to solve problems.

Prosperity is creating knowledge so that everyone can live, work and thrive.

Prosperity is holding appreciation and courage to live your life to the fullest.

I’ve heard it said that the only thing that separates the wealthy from the poor is how much money they spend.

However, one thing is sure; it’s not how much money you have but how much you spend.

The wealthy people spend money to make more money.

The poor people spend money to live paycheck to paycheck.


Prosperity is a mindset.


It’s the ability to solve problems.

How you spend your money is just a result of your attitude.

The mentality that says ‘I’m broke, so I spend every cent,’ or ‘I have money, but it’s not enough, so I consume more.’

The distinction between the two is how much you solve problems.

The wealthy person spends money to solve problems.

The poor person pays money to live paycheck to paycheck.


How do I get from a scarcity to an abundance mindset?


To become wealthy, first, you have to ask yourself what problem you are interested in solving?

You’ve got to go out and find a way to spend the money that you’d typically spend on things you don’t care about, things that aren’t important to you.

The money will still come in, but not the stuff you don’t care about.


manifestation of wealth


Once you fix the problems in your life, solutions appear.


You then go out and find ways to solve those problems.

By solving problems, you become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Once you solve problems, you become the person that the world believes you can become.

You become a person that the world believes can get their hands on money.

Once you become this person, the world stops judging you, and you become the person the world thinks they want you to be.

Then you become prosperous (read more in this blog post).


You become wealthy. Are you keeping a manifesting journal?


So how do you become the person the world believes they want (another challenging question I’ve read is How can I manifest abundance, and is it really true that one can achieve financial freedom or a good career without a school education?)?

It starts with understanding the importance of happiness and prosperity.

I’m not saying you need to be a happy person.


The key here is to create solutions to problems.


So get out and make money!

It’s easy to spend money, especially if you don’t care about anything you spend it on, but it’s much more rewarding to spend it on things you do care about.

Go out and solve problems that concern you.

The problem to solve here is the biggest in the world today.

It’s that most people aren’t happy.

They’ve been brought up to believe that they need to work hard to get money and that money can only come from hard work.

This education is absolute nonsense!


Money will come to you if you solve problems.


It will come to you if you solve the biggest problem in the world today.

There are many ways to solve the problem.

Be happy. We all need to be happy.

When you’re fortunate and fulfilling, your happiness attracts happiness.

If you’re not satisfied, you’re not fulfilling yourself, you’re not attracting the solution you need, and you’re attracting more of what you don’t want.


kind of substitute


What is the meaning of financial abundance? Simply said, it’s happiness.


So the first step is to be happy. It’s that simple.

But for many, it isn’t easy to do.

Many people can’t make the change at all.

That’s because their way of being is a repetition of their past ways of being.

And because they’re comfortable with their past ways of being, they don’t change.


They go on with their lives as if everything is fine.


As if they’re meant to live this way.

But it isn’t acceptable.

We’re determined to change.

By the way, are you keeping a manifesting journal?


When we’re happy, our vibration is higher.


It’s a higher vibration that attracts a higher vibration.

We’ll feel more fulfilled, and we’ll feel like we’re meant to go on doing what we’re doing.

That’s when the solutions come.

We need to become happy with what we have now.

Find what we’re doing which is satisfying to us, and work on that until we’re felicitous.

If we find what we’re doing is wrong, we need to change.


Our life is meant to be happy. Manifesting financial abundance daily.


If we’re working on how to be satisfied, we’re working on the solution.

  • Find what you’re doing is sacred. We shouldn’t be doing things that don’t feel right. But if it feels right to us, it’s holy. So we need to open ourselves up to have the solutions flow to us.
  • Be open to receiving what you’re doing. You might feel selfish by doing something you like, and you’re getting satisfaction from some other source. If you feel pleasure through some other source, you’re creating a false sense of security. That’s the opposite of being open. It’s like being open to getting a large sum of money from some scam. When you’re available, the money will come because you’ll be creating the solution.
  • Give yourself the satisfaction, even though you can’t see how it will come. This moment will make you realize the importance of being grateful for what you do. The satisfaction you get from your work is your satisfaction from doing what you love doing.


thinking of you getting abundant


Don’t do things out of fear or obligation.


Do things you like doing because you enjoy doing them.

Let the solution arrive because you’ll receive it.

It gives you the power to find something you love doing and do that (more on wealth manifestation here and here; click the links; they will open new browsers).


Be joyful about what you do.


There’s nothing wrong with being content with what you’ve done.

It gives you the power to expand.

Do the things you love doing.

You’ll be happier with yourself and with your solution.

There’s nothing wrong with getting satisfaction from what you do.

You may not get money, but you’ll be happy with what you do.


Be honest and take responsibility.


Being accountable means, we’re responsible for the solutions we create.

We need to be entirely chargeable for the solutions we make, including the costs and benefits. We need to let go and trust that we’ll be compensated by the solution we create.


Be willing to lose.


It may seem that this is scary.

We fear that if we create this solution, it isn’t worth it in the long run.

We fear that if we build this solution, we won’t have time to create something else.

It’s essential to have the courage to lose when we make a mistake, and we lose our attention for a time.

Loss is a part of the solution, not the problem.

It’s just another way we can be honest.


manifesting financial abundance


Manifesting Journal – Questions and Answers


How do I get from a scarcity to an abundance mindset?
Many of you have asked me this question. I had never really understood how scarcity mindsets could be perpetuated. I always thought that it’s the mindset of lack or “not having.” But, I also found that it’s really about getting our minds to “believe” and accept a circumstance or idea of abundance.


How do I manifest anything and make a thousand a day?
I really want to have a thousand dollars just for showing up. I want to have that extra car. I want to have that hot boyfriend. I want to have a house and boyfriend and a car. I want to be an all-star. I want to play basketball at the new stadium. I want that. I would start my day and take action every day and have the thousands. I have to get the thousands. I will give it my all and do my very best. I know the universe will deliver it. So I take that same approach with my personal relationships. I will give it my all. I will work on it every day. I will work on my relationships every day. I will make that one thousand dollars a day.


What method can I use to manifest millions?
Millionaires have figured out that if you are willing to follow the correct procedure to get rich, you will get rich. If you can follow the steps below, you will get rich.


How do I manifest anything in 15 minutes?
There is a video that has gone viral. It’s getting more traffic than we can handle; it has almost 300,000 hits in a couple of days. And so people want to know how do I manifest anything in 15 minutes? It is not just a magic trick. It is not something that you can do on the weekend. It is something that can be done in a day if you follow the steps.


Can I get my dream spouse by using the law of attraction?
When I see a gorgeous, tall, slim, perfect model of the opposite sex, my mind starts sending me the messages of what I want to experience. I can say to myself, “I want to kiss her” or “I want to feel her body on mine.” That’s not real love, but that’s what my mind can send me.


And finally, never forget it: are you keeping a manifesting journal?

A few manifestation journal examples might be: your attraction planner should include a daily gratitude manifestation; your subconscious mind prompts you to write an article, a book, a novel about this attraction journal you’re keeping; several critical journal prompts need to be about your personal development; your gratitude journal mentions come before your dream life expectations, etc.

Something like a kind of vision board where you’re journaling weekly or daily developing all your writing prompts and see how effective the attraction work might insinuate into your life.


Maria Simmons



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Thank you for your interest! I sincerely hope that my article – Manifesting Financial Abundance Till You’re Sick & Manifesting Journal – was helpful to you.

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