Manifest Your Dream Job with the Law of Attraction (Checked)

Did you ever think this would be feasible? Did you ever manifest your dream job? Possibly you keep applying to jobs with no breakthrough, no visible success.

Do you feel like your dream job just isn’t out for you and isn’t coming for you at all?

You know the job you need, you dream with your eyes wide open at it, but you can’t make it happen.

Now, it might be the opportunity to get on and manifest a brand-new job! Your dream job!

But how do you manifest it? How do you attract a position you want?

Imagine you have a dream.

  • You see it forming inside of you, crystallizing into an image that appears authentic and tangible.
  • You can feel the emotion in your gut and see the picture in your mind’s eye.
  • Then as the image solidifies, you begin to feel the feelings associated with the image so that it is tangible and material.
  • You can taste it.
  • You can smell it, touch it.
  • You can see it.
  • The vision is near you, almost materializing into your world.
  • Now, it’s time for the next major steps…

The idea is accurate, is crystal clear, and it is materializing into existence.


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The Law of Attraction and Its Application


Have you ever thought about manifesting your dream job?

Well, now you can.

Using the powerful Law of Attraction techniques, you can literally go from where you are to where you want to be in record time.

This is true in other aspects of your life as well.

This is not just for your job or career, but to live the life you always wanted.

How does this work? How to manifest a dream job?

Your dream life can happen in mere hours, weeks, or even months.

In fact, it is rarely something that you have to work hard for. In fact, you have more control over your life than you think. It is possible to find and manifest your dream life.

How? Because you are not your body.

You are the soul, and your soul will find whatever it takes to make your dream life happen.


One of the best methods to manifest your dream life is through your intuition.


Since you directly connect with your soul, it is possible to hear the next step toward your dream life coming to life.

Once your soul senses the next step, it will send an intuitive message to your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is the place your soul originated. This message will reach the highest authority within your heart, your spirit.

Your spirit is connected to your soul through your arteries.

This way, you can know precisely what your soul is thinking about your situation.


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The Law of Attraction is a force of universal influence. It attracts like and removes like.


The more you change your life, the more you attract adverse circumstances.

So focusing on your dream life will help you grow out of it like it is a contagious disease.

The Law of Attraction is very positive.

So you are a healthy person for living the life you have. If you do not want it, then you can get rid of it by changing your thoughts.

If you wish to keep something, you have to give love and attention to it and change your thoughts to be more positive.


law of attraction for dream job


The Law of Attraction is something you can learn and use to help you grow as a person.

To manifest your dream job might sometimes be pretty easy, pretty accessible for a common person. Meaning, you don’t need extra super ‘califragilistic’ traits or abilities to achieve it.

You can become someone who enjoys living the life you have.

The Law of Attraction is one of the many laws, principles, and values I live by.

Most of them are based on Quantum Physics.

This Law is a Law that I also believe and live by.

The Law of Attraction is not only a good one, but the best one I have come across because it gives results.

Mastering the skills of how to manifest a job quickly with the Law of attraction is not difficult (click the link to find out more on this fascinating stuff).

If you wish to have or keep something, your ability to do so is based on this law. You have to believe, love, and respect this law.

I believe that you are intelligent, talented, loving, and caring enough to accomplish anything you desire. With this awareness, you are more aware of your inner potential.


To manifest your dream job, the more you take action, the better results you will get. Manifesting new job affirmations & scenarios.


I shall likely be proven right, and you will indeed be gifted with the life you want.

The Law of Attraction is an evidence-based science and should be treated as such.

The more you change your thoughts, the more likely you shall attract the new reality.

The Law of Attraction is like a magical carpet running between your spirit and your physical reality.

It makes a carpet showing all the possibilities in between.

To have the life you want, you have to have a loving heart, compassion, and understanding.


The Law of Attraction is like the Universe running along a carpet.


It picks you from the different reality and shows you all the possibilities in between. If you want to change, you have to change yourself first. Change your thoughts and change your life.

Make sure you focus on only positive and loving emotions when you want to attract the new reality (more on this fascinating matter here; click the link, and it will open a new window in your pre-existing browser).

Remember: The Law of Attraction is an evidence-based science.

It should be treated as such. You have to change your thoughts to change your life.

If you focus on negative and hateful thoughts, you shall never attract the new reality.

This is how you can change your thoughts and make the life you want.

You can not improve your life without changing your thoughts.

Your mind is your greatest ally in creating a new reality. To alter your thoughts, you must listen to the voices inside your head.

Make sure you focus on positive and loving images when you want to attract the new reality.

Remember: To change your life, you have to change your thoughts.

This is done by making the right choice every time.

“Your thoughts become your words; your words become your actions; your actions become your habits; your habits become your destiny; your destiny becomes your chosen environment.” – Anthony Robbins (in “Wit & Wisdom.” The Week, no. 970, Dennis Publishing Ltd., May 2014, p. 23).


law of attraction job


It’s about being the Best – How much can you achieve? How to manifest your dream life?


There are several resources available for manifesting your dream job.

For example, one of my relatives was offered a job that mirrored what she had wanted for years. It was the CEO of a large health insurance company, and she got the job.


How do preparations manifest in visualization? What do you look for when you create a visualization?


Many sites can help you do just that.

If you want real-life examples, it is simple to create a profile on one of these sites.

You can then see and test job scenarios.


How about playing a game scenario…


We can play a game where you describe what you want in detail and compare the details to what you have now. You can even take a training test and see how the company reacts to your description.

You can also chat with the hiring manager to find out what he/she is looking for.

It might be an immense opportunity to manifest the job you want.


Not all jobs are created equal.


It is significant to note that not all jobs are created equal.

You cannot just create a profile on all jobs since some people are better suited to particular jobs than others. For example, some people love writing and reporting and have specific gifts. In contrast, other people thrive on leading others and have an easier time manifesting what they have envisioned.

It is essential to know which way the company leans.


manifesting law of attraction


Maybe the sales department is for you?!


One of my relatives had planned for years to go into sales and start at the bottom, meaning she was into quitting the current job, poorly paid, and dream of manifesting a new job. The company didn’t need an IT expert but needed someone skilled in sales and web designing.

In this scenario, the man in charge of the department suggested someone with sales experience, and she got the job.

However, when she showed up to work for the first time, she knew straight away that she actually wanted to work in sales.

It was apparent even though she hadn’t had an actual sale yet. The salesperson she worked with didn’t have a clue how to convert leads into sales.

The sales position she worked at had many competitors, and she felt overwhelmed by the thought of competing with them.

In the end, she took a few sales training sessions and found that she had the gift and talent to make sales.

She may have been a natural in other areas, but sales were her birth home.

She was able to pick up different strategies quickly and knew how to implement them for the company’s greater good.


How would the employer consider your request and abilities?


What about the company that is hiring? A company hiring is usually a reflection of what needs to be done.

Sometimes it is a prediction of how the future will go.

The best companies to work for are progressive, innovative, and progressive, with a strong foundation. They hire for fit, not just name recognition (or some kind of manifestation).

They will take chances and encourage creativity.

While it may be a risky decision, it will take a unique individual and train them accordingly.


More about forward-looking employers…


These employers are forward-looking.

A fast-paced organization that is not forward-looking is a sure sign that they are taking a detour to nowhere. They have to be able to predict where they are going if they are not heading in a progressive direction.

The company that has the vision and the guts to see the opportunity, get the talent and plan the future is the type that has a good chance of surviving.

I have seen companies that don’t have vision or guts give up before reaching the critical mass of talent.

It is not surprising when they go down too quickly because the org chart becomes filled with over-ambitious and under-talented individuals.

That will happen when the organizational structure is not set up to foster growth.

When I talk about organizations that thrive, I am not talking about just one or two companies.


The dream employers need to show competitive advantages.


I am talking about companies that can build sustainable competitive advantages.

I am talking about large corporations and medium to small companies alike. I am talking about a company committed to maintaining a competitive edge, expanding it, and becoming the best.

It requires stability, predictability and predictability will take you far.

You can survive and even thrive when you do what I call the “what if things are bad, but not quite bad” scenario.


dark moments of unhappiness-bad job


To manifest your dream job requires a company with a purpose and a belief that it can be the best.


Here is another point. I am not saying that it is only about the bottom line.

It is about being the best in your industry, in your market, in your country, in your sector.

It is about having the right talent to reach for the top but not go there unless they have the right set of skills.

It requires companies with a clear purpose, a strong leader who has a vision for the future, and a management structure willing to take risks.

This can sometimes be pretty difficult to achieve. It will require a concept with enough risk capital to return capital to keep the top management in place.

There will be new competencies and capabilities to acquire and adopt.

I am not saying this is easy.


The path to success to manifest your dream job.


I am saying this is the path to success.

This is something only small to medium companies have the know-how and flexibility to do.

But this is something only large companies have the size to do.

I’m saying if you don’t think you can do this, you should look at how much you can learn to do it, how much time and resources you need to know to do it, and how much growth you can do to be the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How did you use the Law of attraction to land your dream job?

“What is it that you want?” So if you would like to understand what you want from life, take a few moments and answer the question, “What is it that you want with yourself?” The Law of attraction is always working in your life whether you are aware of it or not.
All thought is based on energy, and all energy is desire. So when you do this simple thought exercise, you tell the Law of attraction that you want something (for instance, you desire the Law to manifest your dream job).
If you can answer this question entirely honestly, you have become aligned with the Law of attraction. And you have become aware of that Law working in your life. You must have some variety of desire for the Law of attraction to work because that tells the Law that you know that you will receive it. 
This is how the Law of attraction works.
If you cannot answer this question at all and just repeat the question “What is it that you want” until you feel like you want to throw up, then you have just said no to receiving the desire you have chosen. The Law of attraction will not work with someone who decides to continue only to select the negative thought.

How do I manifest my dream career?

You must continue to focus on the positive and continue to send out the positive desire. It would be best if you continued to focus on the positive. It would help if you believed you would send out the positive desire and focus on the positive.

How can I use the Law of attraction to get into my dream college?

Feel that you are not stuck! Continue to feel that you have a choice to be free and think that you have faith that the desire will come.
Recommended to feel that you have faith that you will send out the positive desire and continue to focus on the positive. Stay and persist in assuming that you are not stuck, and continue to feel that you have a choice to be free. And you will feel to manifest a job in 24 hours

How to manifest your dream life?

The Law of attraction works from the inside out. It is working in your life for the simple fact you are a thinking being, and you respond to your own thoughts, you have no control over them, and they will come back to you whether you want them to or not.


Maria Simmons



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