Law of Attraction Love Facts | After She Left (Pretty Sad)

Life goes on after she left. After the break-up, I used the Law of attraction to manifest my ideal relationship within just a couple of weeks of starting. My journey to the Law of attraction love had lots of ups and downs.

I’ve decided I’m not chasing love anymore; I’m attracting love now. How do I go about doing this?

I was already performing quite a few manifestation habits. They’re so good at raising your vibe.

When you’re in a high vibe mood, you feel better and attract more natural consequences.

Plus, your conscious manifestations come much more quickly to you.


law of attraction love tips


You can be in a high vibe mood even when you’re going through a challenging period.

There are tangible ways out of this!


The Law of Attraction & love – Easy ways to use the Law of Attraction.


When you feel bad and sorry after the break-up, try using a few Law of Attraction tools to make things easier on yourself.

If you are into techniques and methods, I’ve tried to systematize a few ones here.

They are not entirely original, and you could find most of the ideas and concepts in various places as well.

But as they say, from books, other books are written.

Meaning that a few basic thoughts belong to the worldwide intellectual treasures of humanity.


  • The ‘Ask, and It Is Given’ Technique
  • The ‘Change Your Perception’ Technique
  • The ‘Blame Game’ Technique
  • The ‘Blame’ Technique
  • The ‘Replace’ Technique
  • The ‘Visualize’ Technique
  • The ‘Replacing’ Technique
  • The ‘Visualize or Get Ready for This’ Technique
  • The Combine Them All’Technique


1. The ‘Ask, and It Is Given’ Technique.


This is probably the simplest way of using the Law of Attraction that can still work. And if it does, it will probably do a great job in helping you feel better about your current break-up. You just have to imagine your ex being alive and well and smile at her.

Or maybe imagine that you are sitting next to her on the flight back to her country of origin.

Imagine how she looks and how she smells. The key is to really feel it and not just think about it.

Now, you might be questioning how you can do this to someone you barely know, which is the whole point. The idea is to imprint the feeling of having already won her back with a simple action.


intuition and emotion and desire


1.1. She is still with you.


And so you have to approach it as if you are talking to your best friend about a break-up. She is not dead; she is not gone. She is still with you.

You can’t blink or shake yourself away from the feeling. You can’t think about the worst-case scenario. You have to accept it as best as you can. And you have to do it with good humor.

And that is the idea. It might feel a little cheesy, and maybe you wouldn’t even recognize the feeling of winning someone back at first. But it will grow on you.

The excitement will get stronger, better, and more accessible to deal with and eventually help you avoid the emotional pitfalls that slow down your results. And this technique can help you do that.


2. The ‘Change Your Perception’ Technique.


This is probably the best model of using the Law of Attraction to help you change your life. This technique works because you cannot get what you want if you continue to focus on what you don’t want.

So, if you’re currently depressed, you have to change your perception of what depression is.

You can’t get what you want until you adjust your perception of what you want. So, get through that depression, and change your perception. You will see that it is not what you think depression is, but rather, the opposite.


law of attraction with love


3. The ‘Blame Game’ Technique.


I have used this for ages (remember, it is not exclusively my own experience here), and it works well. You might even recognize this technique from the movie “The Secret.”

Basically, you find a way to blame for the outcomes you don’t want in your life. And you think of instances when you behaved precisely as you blame the target behavior for.

For example, say you blame your weight for being overweight. Or, you blame your relationship for not working out.

The more you blame the behavior for your problems, the more the behavior causes you problems, so you get more blaming. This technique will work, but it takes a little persistence.

And, for it to work, you have to have an excellent reason for blaming the behavior for your problems.


4. The ‘Blame’ Technique.


This is like the change your perception technique; instead of blaming a behavior for a problem, you blame a person or a thing.

In other words, you accuse a person or thing of causing a problem. For example, you charge your parents of being unfit parents because you were overweight as a kid. Or, you accuse your boss of being unfit for the job because you are overweight. You can use this technique on a business level as well as a personal level.

You accuse someone of being unfit for the job, and that person is more likely not to want the job and blame it on your criticism.

You charge your boss of being unfit for the job because of your weight.


5. The ‘Replace’ Technique.


This is a powerful technique for changing your thinking and your perception. It is perfect for transforming your thought patterns. “Replace” is a somewhat revolutionary technique.

However, if you have repeated evil thoughts and don’t know how to stop them, this technique will help.

It replaces evil thoughts with good thoughts.

The old thought patterns are not entirely replaced. But, they weaken as time goes by.

For example, if you were blaming your boss for the problem with your job, and then you say, “I replace these thoughts with better thoughts,” then that is one way to get rid of that thought.

That might be enough to get rid of that destructive thought. But, remember, there are always new thoughts coming into your mind, so you might not eliminate that thought completely (interested in emotional, intuitive, subliminal messages? read more here).


exotic tour to meet your love and happiness


6. The ‘Visualize or Get Ready for This’ Technique.


This is a method for training your brain. If you are a visual person, this technique will help you to improve your thinking skills.

Think about something as if you were going to get it.

Imagine what it feels like to have that thing.

Don’t just think about it, be about it.


7. The ‘Replacing’ Technique.


“I replace these thoughts with better thoughts” – This is just a little more advanced.

You replace bad thoughts with good thoughts.

For example, if you blame your boss for the problem with your job, and you say, “I replace these thoughts with better thoughts.” Then you say, “I replace these thoughts with a better set of thoughts about my boss.”

Then you say, “I replace these thoughts with success,” and so on, then eventually those new thoughts will come into your mind and replace those old bad thoughts.


8. The ‘Visualize’ Technique.


“I visualize this or get ready for this” – This is a method for strengthening your thoughts. As you can see, these techniques are straightforward.

The difference comes with the thinking aspect.

If you use these techniques together, you will be capable of training your thinking to have better success (more on that matter, here and here; click the links, and they will open new windows in your pre-existing browser).


how to attract someone quotes


Improving your self-worth with the Law of Attraction.


Negative people cause themselves unnecessary trouble by causing us frustration and negative thoughts.

These thoughts grow increasingly in our minds until they eventually manifest in our physical reality.

Our minds are our best weapon against negativity, and we need to utilize them with great focus.


All thought is energy. Love is energy.


All thought is energy, and our mind will unleash its potential and become a powerful tool whenever it is focused. However, the focus implies work, and we need to ensure our focus is always in the right direction.

Suppose you are willing to test the Law of attraction to visualize, materialize and benefit wealth and abundance. In that case, you might find this blog post helpful. It’s titled ‘The Law Of Attraction Money: All the Stats, Facts, and Data…’ and could be, I think, immensely beneficial.

Suppose we allow our attention to wander too far to the negative side.


In that case, the negative people will become a source of constant grief, which can even become a nuisance in our lives.

Hence, we need to ensure our focus is firmly on the positive.

To achieve this, we need to constantly ensure that our thoughts focus on life’s good things.

If we think of the negatives, we will start accumulating them within our minds. This will eventually manifest as a nuisance in our lives.

So it is crucial to maintain constant peace and positivity in our minds.


Does the Law of attraction really work in the case of love?


Every good man strives hard for excellence, but a few have a higher standard of excellence than the rest. That is why they create a better atmosphere, make others excel, produce everything more straightforward, and thus achieve excellence.

That is what they do while others perform below par.

Every good man has this quality, to be praised because of their unique quality. No man is perfect, but the few who are are exceptional.

Every good man has to face the fact that the reality of his success and excellence is not perfect.

The truth could be flawed, but they can make it work. And thus achieve excellence.

The fantastic thing about them is, they are so extraordinary that they are above the muddles of everyday life.

They are above daily life, and they do not allow everyday life to affect them.


law of attraction for love with a specific person


How to achieve excellence and success.


They can achieve excellence and success simply because of their unique quality.

This remarkable quality that they possess is a result of constant effort alone but is not a result of being rich or born with certain qualities.

Still, others do not face it, and others do not have the positive attitude to achieve excellence. Every good man strives hard for perfection (yes! the Law of attraction love works!), but only a few accomplish it because they’re unique.

Thus they’re the ordinary people that get dragged down and left behind. But they’re the ones who endure the most by the success of others since they’re the ones who take their success for granted since it’s someone else who they’re dependent on.

Thus they’re the ones who suffer the most.

If a man is not exceptional, his success is merely a probability and a poor one at that. But if he has a positive attitude and is outstanding, then his chance of success is excellent.

He gets better results, and it’s unlikely that he’ll ever fail. Thus he gets exceptional.


Love and the Law of Attraction success stories.


No man is perfect, but every man has the unique qualities that distinguish him and makes him special. This quality is the result of effort, of constant struggle.

Still, it is not a result of being born with exceptional qualities. It’s something that a man has to work hard for, not something that comes to him.

Therefore he’s the one who controls his destiny.

And thus, we all discover the reason for the proverb,

“It’s not the wealth that goes around, it’s the effort that makes us wealthy.”

This is a basic understanding of how the Universe functions.


If you understand it, you can understand everything else…


This is important. If you understand it, you can understand everything else I’ve written here.

You can use this understanding to create your own destiny. You can create your own success. You can control your own destiny.

This is an important concept. It’s enough to say that it’s not the wealth that goes around.

It’s the effort that makes us prosperous.


romantic love and many lights


It’s not the birthdays that come about; it’s the lifetime to enjoy them. It’s not the money that comes in from donations; it’s the contribution to the project that makes us wealthy. It’s not the title that comes with a job. It’s the contribution to the company that makes us prosperous.

Most people don’t seem to grasp this idea. And when they see extraordinary wealth, they think it’s because they’re outstanding.

But when they see poverty, they think it’s because they’re poor.


Law of Attraction love says NO to poverty, to selfishness, to being single.


That’s not an understanding that can be had with knowledge. It requires a concept that goes beyond the intellect. 

Now, how does this affect your own life? How does this affect your own success? Here are some quick and dirty suggestions. And if you want more detailed recommendations, I’ll happily include them in my following writing.

But, I want it to be focused on this topic and not too spread out.


  1. When it comes to any job you want, there’s no need to be selective. Find the job that you feel would make you the greatest. And then, work tirelessly, and in so doing, you’ll rise to greatness.
  2. When you choose to travel, there’s no need to pack light. Pack light, and stay home. And if you pack light, then you’ll be ready to travel, and in so doing, you’ll have the most excellent experience ever.
  3. Don’t worry about the time. Worries and hours are not time well spent. It’s spent on where you’re living and how you’re living it. Only time well spent is spent working, working, working to make yourself and your experience the best experience. And once you start looking for the venture, you’ll find it.
  4. Stop worrying about looking like celebrities. It’s not about what they look like. It’s about being a celebrity. Don’t worry about what other people believe of you. That’s on them.
  5. Live in the present. Don’t waste your time on what’s going wrong in your past or your future. And whatever you do, don’t spend your time worrying about how people around you perceive you.
  6. If you want to have a great life, it’s about developing the proper habits. And there’s no better place to uncover the acceptable practices than by living your life.


If you start with these, you’ll be well on your way to developing the proper habits and not wasting your chance on things that are not important.


law of attraction love specific person


Frequently Asked Questions


What Law of attraction says about love?

Maybe, you will find something interesting about manifesting attraction tips, about online dating, about how to manifest love. But about everything concerning love? A specific book on love – there’s no such thing, no one thing you could use in your subconscious mind to attract love. Putting aside any limiting beliefs, I don’t know anything about this or any person using books or a vision board on that matter.

Does Law of Attraction really work for love?

Yes, it does. Yes, any specific person using the law for a new relationship or an old one revived could testify that manifesting law attraction love is efficient.

How do I find my true love, the Law of Attraction?

First, love yourself. Then, express your feelings towards a specific person. Then read more about gratitude, about the laws of the Universe, about self-fulfilling wishes (there is plenty of online stuff)…




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