The Law of Attraction Anxiety. How Is Angst Manifesting?

What is anxiety? And how come that we speak of a “law of attraction anxiety?” Let’s start with a classic definition of the matter from this uncontroversial website:

“Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe. Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life. For example, you may feel worried and anxious about sitting an exam or having a medical test or job interview.”

Sometimes, a mild or perhaps severe Law of attraction anxiety might happen when there is a poignant difference between reality and your expectations.

When you feel that the Law of attraction is not working for you, you shouldn’t doubt that the Law of Attraction is working for you.

If you doubt, then you are sabotaging your success.

When you feel that the Law of attraction is not working for you, you don’t have any beliefs that can give you ideas or suggestions that can actually be giving you ideas that can actually make your desires manifest into reality.

In some cases, the severe problems and behaviors around showing up ideas and other techniques are signs of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) instead of anxiousness.


it feels like money is attracted to me

If you have OCD, your beliefs about the Law of attraction can trigger you to start being scared of intrusive negative thoughts that you regularly attempt to psychologically “dismiss.”

Anxiety pertaining to materializing could look like: persistent worry about running out of time to metamorphose your goal; trying to require yourself to be happy every one of the moment because you believe that negative feelings ward off, and also positive emotions attract; excessively stressing that your negative ideas will undoubtedly happen; attempting to subdue negative thoughts; anxiousness and angst concerning not being high ambiance enough; being overly terrified of individuals because you think that their low vibes will undoubtedly damage you; also fear-fueled spontaneous actions that create more issues than they resolve.

For instance, suppose that you want to manifest a million dollars.

This is easy to do. You go to a bank teller and say, “I want to have a million dollars today.” The bank teller gives you a note of some money that you feel you have at least a million dollars, and you put this in your pocket or purse.

If you didn’t have any beliefs or suggestions of having a million dollars, you would not have given yourself that million dollars.

The point is that you gave yourself a million dollars, and the idea that the Law of attraction is operating for you is a consequence of giving yourself a suggestion, avoiding any Law of attraction anxiety or angst.


Important Principles to Live By – Let Us Never Give Up On Our Dreams!


Sometimes we may feel that there is too much negativity in our minds.

We may think that we need to cool our hearts, somehow get rid of our emotions and redirect ourselves.

This is not the right way to manifest.

In recent times, depression (as a symptom of somebody’s general mental health) has become rampant in society. Many individuals are feeling hopeless and find it difficult to believe in the future.

Some people are feeling hopeless in their lives and simply wish for the end of time.

A few days ago, I had a friend contact me and say that he could not believe in the future because he felt that there was no hope. This is because he was once depressed. He even admitted that he thought that his life was over. So be it if someone is feeling like this.


remedies for law of attraction depression anxiety


Are there any good alternatives to the Law of attraction? This should not be the standard for a human being.


In the present times, we should be optimistic and expect the best in life.

We should think that tomorrow will be better than today.

We should know that we will be better than our past selves.

We should be optimistic and expect the best in life.

We should know that the future shall shine even brighter than the past.

The negative energy that creeps into our minds occasionally should be redirected to positive elements to infuse life back into our minds.

  • The cynical element that occasionally creeps into our minds should be redirected to spirituality, infusing life back into our hearts and manifest as positive things in our lives. There is a proverb that says, “As water is wet, so be active. As smoke is smoldering, so be alert. As ashes are on the wind, so be watchful”. A burnt match leads to a fire, an abandoned car leads to an accident, and a burnt mood leads to depression. We should avoid falling into the pitfall of always being on the alert.
  • We should infuse more energy into our lives when the situation demands instead of constantly being alert to the outside world. The problem should be such that it pushes us to the limit.
  • Being pessimistic is a waste of life. In life, the world of humanity is full of challenges. There are many things that we are challenged by in life. The thing is that we should be optimistic and believe in our future. We should not be depressed and live a life of hopelessness and destruction. Let us never be depressed to the point of believing that our lives are meaningless. When we are depressed in life, we shall never achieve success. We should always think that the next step is ours. It shall give us a boost of energy and motivation.
  • We should have a never-ending supply of courage.
  • We should be ready to meet the challenges of life. We should always have a never-ending supply of courage and strength. Let us never ever be hesitant or afraid. We should be confident and brave in our actions. In life, there are many dangers that we face. These dangers shall be known as challenges. Let us never give up on ourselves and our dreams. We should be patient and have an optimistic view of life.
  • We should be good listeners and competent leaders.
  • We should be good listeners and good leaders in life. We should never forget that many other people around us matter. We should concentrate on them and spend our time with them. Let us never have high expectations of our friends and others. When we do this, we shall never be happy nor prosperous. Let us concentrate on our own destiny, and let us never be critical of others.
  • We should be good communicators and good listeners. When we communicate, we shall be able to hear our friend’s needs and concerns. We should listen to our friend’s thoughts and ideas and then let them be. Let us never argue with people that are not unjustified. Let us always be good communicators and good listeners.




We should always be trustworthy and honest in our relationships. We should treat others with respect. When we treat others with respect, they shall respect us. When we do this, we shall never be disappointed in our relationships. We shall always be happy and successful in life.

When we act and speak per these principles, we shall never be disappointed in life and never victim to pessimism. We shall always have hope and a positive view of life.

They shall be our guide in life, and when we act following these teachings, we shall always find a way (according to the Law of attraction tools and wisdom to be applied here).

When we act by these beliefs, we shall never give up on our dreams. We shall never give up on our intentions. Let us never give up on our goals in life.


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Positive Thinking…


To keep our focus, mind, and emotions clean, we should constantly think positive thoughts.

More on emotional, intuitive Law of attraction, and on subliminal messages that can be implementd successfully in your life, in this other blog post of mine.


How does the Universe bring the manifestation of our dreams?


We will manifest many things we think about, control these positive thoughts and see ourselves manifesting these things.

Positive feelings will give us the drive to work hard, to achieve whatever we want in our lives.


Imagine living life as if you have everything already in your life.


There will be no more longing for things to be better, for things to be different, or even for things to be the way you want them to be.

Let us consider what the mind can do for us. The power and brilliance of the mind can generate every material thing we can imagine.

Even God Himself can be produced by the combined power of the mind and emotions.

It is within you to be and do whatever you want.

As you learn to let go of some of the negativity that has crept into your mind, your life will become more positive and productive.


do anxious thoughts manifest


Angst is manifesting: negative thoughts and feelings have crept into our minds over the years.


Sometimes we have allowed them to control our lives. There are many things we should let go of.

Many fears, anxieties, and negative feelings should be let go of.

Our minds are powerful weapons that can guide and direct our lives to be beneficial. Our thoughts do produce our life, and those thoughts should yield positive results.

If your life is anything but positive, if your emotions are not positive, it is presumably because you are thinking negative thoughts and holding a negative manifestation.


When the mind knows it is negative, it begins to produce negativity.


Positive thoughts will override any negative thinking and have positive effects.

One thought is no more than a thought. It is always a concept to the mind, and if it is not, it is no more than a thought. Therefore, it is crucial to start thinking positive thoughts to produce positive results.

We have to learn to become detached from the things that do not serve our purposes. There are many things that you can do to guide your life to be beneficial. We are to make wise decisions.

When you make smart decisions, you will produce something of value and worthwhile. It is a wise decision that can create a good result. You can also take charge of your mind (read more here).


manifest anxiety manifesting happiness avoid angst manifestation


Your mind is a powerful tool. It is a beautiful tool. But it is a dangerous tool…


…because if you let it be, it will produce what you desire. You have to learn to take charge of it. You are to be in the custody of your mind. Your mind is a powerful tool, a great tool to produce results.

I am now going to teach you how to be in control of your mind and produce results. The reason can build whatever you desire.

But you have to give it your attention. You are to be in charge of your mind. 

You must learn to pay attention to your mind. The mind does not listen to what you say; it only responds. Therefore, you must train yourself to listen to your mind.

You will produce something of worth and worthwhile. Now, write it down if you can deliver results and are willing to apply some things here.


Write it down: positive thinking manifestation…


Write down what you desire and be ready to act on it.

That’s it, just write it down and be prepared to work on it.

Now you have prepared yourself for long-lasting results. It is time to write it down.

Here it goes, it is,” I desire to be more prosperous” – “I desire to be wealthier” – “I desire to be powerful” – etc.

The point of writing it down is that you put it into writing; you do not forget it; it sticks to you, so you must write it down. 


Keep your minds busy with positive things.


Keep your mind occupied with to-dos; it is the antidote to doing, do something productive. Write it down and read it often.

It has excellent value. Read it often. Be happy with what you have, enjoy it, be thankful for it, and be grateful.

As for your thoughts, let your thoughts be wholesome.

Be not infected with the virus of negativity and Law of attraction anxiety.

Make sure what you are thinking is healthy and positive.

You must be kind to others and not stingy with your thoughts. Think of others, be grateful and positive (more on this complicated matter, here and here: click the links, and they will open new windows in your pre-existing browser).


Law of attraction anxiety affirmations…


These are all positive thoughts.

You can produce good results with these. When you are positive, you can have good outcomes.

And it’s not that you must be positive all the time, but you must be assertive once in a while.

Let your mind be busy with good thoughts.

Your brain will think of better things to say, you will think of ways to improve, you will think of how to use it effectively. Write it down and read it often.

Think of what you can produce. Be enthusiastic and positive. 

Think of what you can accomplish. Let your mind be happy and positive.

Let your mind be productive. 

Be happy, be positive.


law of attraction anxiety affirmations


Why Do We Think That The Law of Attraction Will Not Work?


It is like when you’re thinking about an old friend, and then ten minutes later they call you. How did that happen?

If you try to make this happen by yourself, you are probably just going to waste time and not get anything. Who would want to waste their time?

Now we just put the problem in front of us, and the answer will come.

Easy right? We just put our mind to the problem, and we go solve the problem. That way, no distractions, no negative thinking, and no rejection. We solve the problem; now we can attract the solution.


How does this all actually work? How does the Law of attraction anxiety manifest itself?


We already know that we are made of energy.

Energy is attracted by vibrational patterns.

That’s why we are where we are today and, ultimately, what will happen tomorrow. If you ask, all the answers will come to you; you will finally get the answer. It will happen when you know that it is correct.

Let me ask you something? What are you thinking about or worrying about? What happens if you don’t think about anything?

Well, whatever you don’t think about will come, in some shape or form. You will attract into your life. So you have to know what you are thinking about; your answers will come to you and avoid the obnoxious Law of attraction anxiety.

We spend so much time evaluating and worrying about the things we don’t care about. If we don’t care about something, we won’t think about it, and the solution will come.

And it will go efficiently, like the Universe.


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We have to know that we will get what we are thinking about.


That is the key; we have to know.

It isn’t that important to understand how it all happens because the key is to see that the key will come to us, and that is the key, ultimately, to life and abundance.

We are all aware of the rules of the Universe. We are aware of the laws of gravity.

We know that the Law will take care of us and everything else we are creating in our lives; we will be OK. We can see the result, the outcome of our actions; we can see that it has happened.


We know that things will happen to us in a certain way.


What is so strange about the laws of the Universe is that we have set our intention, established our desires, and let the Universe answer. We are aware of the laws of the Universe, we know that we will be OK, we are doing our natural part, the part we are obligated by our beliefs to do.

There is nothing we can do to affect the issue.

All we can do is give our power away from our attachment to lack and our expectations of things being different and give it to what is. The result is the Law of attraction, and that is the key.

The key is to give our power away from our attachment to lack. We have to give away our devotion to lack because the key is to understand that it is already here whatever we intend. It has been here before and always will be. You can’t go back through time to the place where the Universe began.


No more the Law of attraction anxiety! The key is to understand…


The key is to understand that we don’t want things to change because things can’t change.

When you set your intention on something, the Universe gives you what it is. The key is to provide the Law of attraction to your choices, and it will manifest into your desires.

The key is to understand that what you set your intention on is what you will get. If you give the Law of attraction the energy of your desire, then the Law of attraction will provide you with that same energy in return (more on this and a different point of view here).

Understanding that without even trying to achieve something, the Universe will consistently deliver what you wanted in the first place.


Energy without anxiety. Manifest anxiety — manifesting happiness.


Here’s an example. When I’m thinking about my goals for the year and year-end is approaching, I think about them. When I think about them, I know that it will be coming. We don’t have to try really hard; we don’t have to think about them, just put our energy and focus on our goals.


That’s how the Law of attraction works.


But if we feel that it is far away, if we aren’t prepared to experience the stress of the journey, then the Universe will deliver something else.

So if you are not very excited about your year-end and are not prepared to be disappointed, then the Universe will provide something else instead.

So take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings.

Learn to give and receive.

Understand that there is a system in place for delivering your desires.

We cannot go back and change things. There’s a timeline for things. So give it your best shot.

If the Universe delivers something else, then it is because you did something different than what you are used to.

And that extra thing is your responsibility.


law of attraction and mental illness


Frequently Asked Questions


Can anxiety feel like attraction?

symptom is a procedure in which something that was beforehand thought is brought into physical reality. This is just a fancy means of saying every little thing we think about on a consistent, sufficient basis ultimately materializes itself right into our lives somehow. It is like when you’re thinking of an old close friend and then 5 mins later on they call you. Here is where anxiety steps in.

How is the Law of attraction used to manifest anything?

There are two means you can materialize something right into your life:
1, You can focus on the object of your need, & the deep space just goes and offers you that point.
2. You can focus on your belief that you wish to have what you have actually materialized. The Universe maintains going as well as offers you increasingly more manifestations.fear anxiety angst law of aggression

Does the Law of attraction and manifestation work?

Pay attention to your thoughts. What are you thinking about? The ideas that have actually been provided to you will undoubtedly be your emphasis. So if you intend to manifest riches, you need to maintain your thoughts on possessions and continue thinking about all the quintessential stuff you want to show up. And keep your beliefs. If you do not have any opinions, your thoughts will undoubtedly get on absence and lack. The more ideas you think, the more your life will indeed focus on scarcity and also disbelief. Your ideas need to be ideas of a wide range, avoiding the Law of attraction anxiety. The more opinions you assume, the extra you will certainly have the ability to show up wide range.



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