How to Manifest a Job Quickly with the Law of Attraction.

The Law of attraction cannot miss in this endeavor. How to manifest a dream job quickly, actually your dream job, is up to you.

For instance, if you want to manifest a new job in sales, determine the exact role you want to fill, the firm you want to work within, and your client base.

Then set those selected patterns as your exact goal, and don’t change your plan until it’s been manifested.

When you know precisely what you want, you will likely manifest your selected dream job.


Here are several suggested steps I have insisted upon in this blog post.

The order is slightly changed, but you will find more benefits hopefully when you get a clear, synthetic vision from the very beginning.


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  • Find a business opportunity that fits your skillset.
  • Find the perfect fit for your skillset.
  • Write it out and get feedback from others.
  • Make a thorough plan.
  • Conceive an affirmation according to the plan.
  • Create a dream board.
  • Memorize your affirmations.
  • Repeat your memorized affirmations daily.
  • Visualize your goals and your next steps as a new employee in this dream position.
  • Take action.


How to Manifest Your Perfect Fit.


1. Make an Affirmation


A simple affirmation is a statement that you repeat to yourself, such as “I am in the process of finding my dream job,” and then repeat it several times.

Try repeating it to yourself several times a day until it becomes a new habit.


2. Create a Dream Board


A dream board is a collage you draw pictures of your dream job on. By doing this, you tell the world that you are working on this dream job and keep you updated.

The Universe will continue to send you further details about the job unless you take action on this dream.

If you still don’t believe it, you need to hear it yourself.

Repeat it to yourself over and over again until it becomes a new habit.

Write your dream job down. Keep a piece of paper handy, and as you are visualizing, write it down.

Once you have written it down, see yourself on the paper as if you were actually doing it.

When you do this, your vibration will rise to the next level.

Your vision will be more precise. Now is the time to take action on your dream job.


3. Take action


The next level is to take action on your dream job.

You must exert the first three steps to manifest your dream job and then follow the steps outlined in the action steps in the “Action Steps” section below.

If you take action on these steps, you will successfully manifest your dream job.


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  • Have a plan.
  • Write down your plan.
  • Have a vision board.


It is at this point that you must have a plan with a vision board.

Create a vision board with the picture of your dream job on it and stick it on your dream board.

You must have at least one image of the new job you want to manifest on each panel. In this way, you can easily see the picture of your dream job in your mind. This will help your manifestation process greatly.

As you see the picture in your mind, visualize yourself doing it.

You could achieve a fabulous career manifestation using the Law of attraction wisely. Read more on this subject by clicking the link.

A piece of paper with a picture of your dream job on it is an essential document for manifesting your dream job. It would be best to put these actions on a piece of paper to keep them on track.

It is crucial to have these plans to help you find the path to reach your dream job.


How to quickly manifest a job offer. Next three steps…


These plans allow you to identify which step is your dream job.

It is this step you must take next.


* Step 1: Find a business opportunity that fits your skill set.


It would help if you had an exact plan of the business opportunity you want to manifest for yourself.

Put your plan next to your vision board. As you put the program on the vision board, you must picture it with your on the job. For example, suppose you want to manifest a new position as a software developer.

In that case, you must picture yourself in the picture typing on a new computer.

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* Step 2: Find the perfect fit for your skillset.


You have to be exact with the business opportunity you want to manifest for yourself.

Suppose you want to manifest a new job in the sales department of a technology company. In that case, you can picture yourself in your sales uniform in your sales office. You can also imagine yourself in your own office as a sales executive.

When you find the perfect fit, picture yourself in the ideal business uniform and wear the business uniform until it fits you correctly.


* Step 3: Write it out and get feedback from others.


It would help if you got feedback from others.

You can visualize the perfect fit as an internal meeting of your dream company with the ideal business gurus and executives.

But it would be best if you also got feedback from your on-the-job sales managers, business partners, executives, and managers.

Your feedback must be accurate in the feeling you get when you wear the business uniform and feel the fit. You must find the best fit for your skillset, vision board, fit, feeling of your new business uniform, and the fit of your new business.


Manifesting a job that you want…


So you have identified the ideal business opportunity to manifest for yourself. Now what?




Initiative. You have to begin the process to manifest your perfect fit. To achieve success in your business, you must be willing to take the actions necessary to make your ideal fit a reality.

The initiative is the fuel that will fuel your success. You can work hard all you want, but if you are not willing to do the little things right, you will not succeed.

You must begin now to take the necessary action steps. You cannot sit on the couch and hope for the best.

You must take action.


How do I manifest a job quickly? What are some steps to manifest fast?


In addition to the steps already described, you must continue to visualize the perfect fit you are wearing to your vision board.

You must continually add to your ideal fit and must feel that it fits you.

It would be best if you imagined that you are wearing the business uniform and that you are wearing the business uniforms you have chosen to buy.

We can do many elements to prepare for manifestation (more on this matter here and here; click the links to open new windows in your existing browser).

But you must start right now and begin with taking action steps.

Now get out of that couch and begin to make your perfect fit a reality!

Once you do, all you need to do is wait, and the Universe will manifest your prototypical fit.


how to manifest a job in 24 hours


Be Direct – Get What You Want – Stop Being Afraid.


I worked with HR as a consultant for many years and even have hands-on recruiting experiences.

So yes, I know a thing or two when it comes to searching and finding your dream job.


You should not be afraid to speak up about what you want.


I can also tell you that you should not be afraid to speak up about what you want.

It may surprise you how many jobs actually show up in your mailbox after you ask for them. It is even better if those jobs are precisely what you were looking for. It is gratifying when things work out (how to manifest a job quickly should be your highest priority).


How to manifest a job quickly. Compulsory steps you should follow to manifest your dream job.


  1. Be clear about what you want. Make a List. Make lists for each job you are interested in.
  2. Go to the website of the company you want to work for. Click on “Careers.” You can also type in the company’s title in the search bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Read the descriptions for the specific job you want to apply for. This helps to visualize and describe what the job entails.
  4. Send in your application. There are ways to do this easily from your desktop. You can download an application form from the internet, print it out, mail it to the company, or download an application form and upload it on the company website. You may also send it by fax to get a more personalized application. If you are applying for multiple jobs, do it in batches of 10 or more. The quicker you apply, the quicker they will get your application.
  5. Wait for a response. Most companies have a written policy or an oral policy that you have to abide by. Many times companies ask that you wait for a response from an employee or another company.


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What are the key takeaways after these steps:

If you really want your dream job, apply early.

It’s better to demand from multiple angles than applying from just one aspect.


Do not ignore rejection. It can be a boost to your application.


Follow up with the company you are not satisfied with for the reconsideration of your resume. Often, the company that rejected you for another position will agree to give you a job for free if you agree to go back to them and get them another applicant.

Step 3 is quite challenging for many people because their fear of being direct is greater than the desire to be straightforward. I recommend you take the first step and start being honest with yourself.

It will help you to see that you do want this dream job. The more you are frank with yourself, the more you will be able to direct your dream job, it will not be forced upon you, and you will be able to achieve it with ease.


Being direct when applying helps.


Here are some examples of ways of being direct:

  • Say what you want and mean what you say. You have to be willing to recognize your weaknesses, your limits, and yourself to be able to make your dream job come true.
  • If you say you want it but are really unwilling to do it or live with it, you will never achieve it.
  • If you tell yourself that you are not good enough or intelligent enough or fit in or fit in to do the job, you will, unfortunately,  not be able to achieve it.
  • If you tell yourself that it is overrated or boring or not for you, or you will not be able to obtain it, you will never achieve it.
  • If you tell yourself that you do not have what it takes, or you are just a dreamer, or you are not ready for it, you will not be able to achieve it.


The central concept is to get rid of the fear of being direct in your desires.


There are many things in your life that you do not like but do not want to be direct. You will not be able to achieve this desire.

It will force you to be indirect with others in your life.


manifesting a job that you want


You will be a great victim, and someone else will be forced to follow your actions.

When you can be direct, you will be able to be aggressive, creative, and happy. How to manifest a job quickly should be your highest priority.

When you are assertive, you can work effectively with others and create a wonderful atmosphere in your workplace.


More benefits of being imaginative…


If you are imaginative, you will be able to be enthusiastic and full of ideas.

When you are full of ideas, you will create a wonderful atmosphere in your workplace.

Your co-workers and superiors will be willing to learn from you and be inspired by you.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I get chills lately when doing my manifestations?

This matter is undoubtedly a pretty hard question. Maybe you are in love, and the presence of your other manifests giving you chills. Or it might be the fact that you are pretty near fulfilling your expectations, your desires. Chills might be as well a manifestation of common animal fear.

A job and keeping a job. I was saying my affirmations today. Did I do it the right way?

No. You did it the right way. However, you might have been more explicit. Are you dreaming of a better job, of the best possible career regarding your professional abilities? I can say this pretty simple: saying your Law of attraction affirmations every day is an excellent thing to do. You cannot lose; you almost certainly will be a winner.

What is the power of manifestation?

Possibly you keep applying to jobs with no breakthrough. It might be time to manifest the job you require… Do you feel like your dream job is missing? … When the things we desire don’t show up quickly in our lives, as soon as we’d like, it’s comfortable to give up. Doing it routinely (I am referring to saying the Law of attraction affirmations) sends a message to the Universe to grant you more. More good relationships, more opportunities, more fabulous things…


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