Traits Within How To Align Mind, Body and Soul (tremendous)

Can a human being exist without a soul? How do I align my mind, body, and soul?


Your thoughts form your emotions. Your thoughts are based on the beliefs and opinions that you have from your previous lifetimes that perfectly align mind, body, and soul.

Your feelings are also based on your ideas and prior lifetimes.

Your present emotions dwell on the thoughts and beliefs you hold, like a prisoner on parole.

Your current condition is the result of your past, present, and future thoughts. As you can see, you have created your present reality.


Are You A Winner. mind and body in synchronicity


How to Focus With the Laws of Attraction


Manifestation is the method in which previously a mere thought and a vague idea are brought into physical reality.

This is just a fancy form of saying everything we believe about on a consistent enough basis eventually manifests itself into our lives in some way, shape or form.

It is like when you’re thinking about an old friend, and then, five minutes later, they call you.

Kind of like you knew there was something about your old friend, but you didn’t know how it would happen.


What makes manifestation possible?


What is it that sets our thoughts in motion?

One of the fundamental laws of nature is that whatever we focus on will expand in our lives.

If you focus on a cloud, a bird, and then see that you’re flying and thinking about that cloud, it will expand and manifest into your life.

But if you focus on that cloud, then you’re thinking about it everywhere you go.

So there must be something different about our thoughts in our soul that make objects change from something you think you could ever see into something you actually see every day.

And that something is our emotion. My neighbor says, “love is healing; it is like medicine for the spirit.”




Assertiveness is the most critical skill to master in the Law of Attraction.

It is the skill that empowers you to be the best version of you that you can be in the current moment.




Your emotion allows our thoughts to change from ideas that could never become a reality to thoughts that actually become a reality.

Our emotions are what cause our thoughts to become what we think they could become.

It is the “pull” (the energy) that moves our ideas into reality.

Our emotions are what keep our thoughts aligned with what we believe in. How to make subliminals work? Read more by clicking the link (and it will open a new window in your pre-existing browser).


Good intentions aren't enough to change


Our thoughts become the actions that move us towards our goals.


Success in our lives is all about aligning our thoughts and our emotions.

Our thoughts become our feelings that become our actions.

And our emotions are what keeps our thoughts aligned with what we genuinely believe in.

So if you’ve been struggling with life and your thoughts and your feelings are not aligned, then your thoughts will constantly become your feelings, and your actions will never be where you want them (if you are looking for a vibrational match to someone, to anyone, somewhere, read this blog post of mine; click the link).


Our thoughts and our feelings are actually responsible for creating our lives.


Our thoughts and our emotions become what we truly believe in.

It is all just a matter of our senses and our feelings aligning with our thoughts (or, if you prefer, your body aligns with your love).

We are the masters of our thoughts, and we can choose to think anything we want.

But if we do not assume ourselves and our thoughts, they will always become what we think they could become.


Our thoughts become our actions.


Our actions will always be where we do not want them to go.

Our thoughts become our feelings.

Our feelings will cause our thoughts to become our actions.

Our actions will always never be where we want them to go.

And if our actions do not align with our thoughts, we will be the ones that will suffer.




His heaven a dimension


Every soul is said to be omnipotent but how do we channelize that energy in a literal sense?

Suppose we are going to achieve whatever goal we have set for ourselves (more on how to manifest someone to text you here; click the link).

In that case, our thoughts must align with our emotions.

The more our beliefs align with our feelings, the faster our life will move towards our goals (more about this here and here).

If our thoughts go against our emotions, then the louder our life will move away from our goals.

Now let us discuss how to align your thoughts with your emotions.


  1. Take time out every once in a while to stop and think of your goal. Then, think of it until it becomes a habit.
  2. Whenever you are at a loss on how to achieve your goal, just bring your dream in front of you and ask yourself: “How am I going to achieve this goal? What can I learn from this situation? Who can I learn from to achieve this goal?”
  3. You must also write down your thoughts on what you know how to do when you have achieved your goal. Include all of your steps in one place. It is also a good idea to keep a copy of your plan somewhere that you can look at whenever you feel overwhelmed with what you do not know how to do.
  4. When you have finished all of this, just reflect on how you got to where you are now. Try and look at your life from the point of view of the person you want to be.
  5. The more you look at your life from the person you want to be, the faster you will achieve your goals.


As you can see, the more you align your thoughts with your emotions, the sooner you will achieve your goals.


Take time to stop and think.


You must also take time to stop and think of your goals when you have completed them; there should be some kind of alignment, of energy healing (people practicing yoga know more about this)

The more you stop and evaluate your purposes, the sooner you will achieve your goals.

This is just a tiny part of the steps in the process of manifestation.

You must be sure to start with a small move and continue to increase your actions until you have achieved your ultimate goals.

The Laws of attraction work because we can focus on a particular end and use the other faculties of our mind to achieve it (if you are interested in more reading about the Laws of Attraction and how they manifest abundance, click the link; it will open in a new browser).


free time for you


Acceptance – The Age of Truth


You are the only person on earth that can be, do, and have what you are doing.

All of your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, beliefs, emotions, attitudes, desires, choices, etc., have their source from this realm of existence.

You have not abandoned that realm, nor have you lost your connection to it.

You are not in some other dimension or dimension-hopping.


You are in your proper form, the true essence of your being; now, align mind, body, and soul.


You might think that I am talking about some kind of fantasy land kind of realm.

It doesn’t mean you have no personality at all.

It means you are this one aspect of yourself.

What some call a shell of your former self.

In this case, it’s an ego aspect of yourself, just like when you were a child. You were the child.

You experienced life from a child’s perspective, right?

This was the aspect of you that was experiencing life in a child’s head.


align body mind soul


It’s how you experienced life.


You were the child, and the adult took over once you started to get bitwise to what life was really about.

This was the first stage, the illusion stage, where you went through life pretending to be someone you were not.

From this point, the ego-based self was set in place. Your true self was hidden behind the veil of ignorance.

In this stage, you were the victim in your life. You did not have any power.

You have been in this stage for the past 99% of your lifetime.


The last one-hundredth percent of your life…


The last one-hundredth percent of your life that’s different is the period from your soul’s perspective (if you’ve aligned mind body and soul).

At this time, you are the master of your life, and where you take total responsibility for everything in your life.

From this point onward, it is known as the age of Truth.

All this time, you were pretending to be someone else.

The ego-based self never truly accepted that you were the master of your life until now.


When you receive this fact, you’re in the age of Truth.


The next task is to get all your ducks in a row in preparation for living the age of Truth.

This means completing the rest of your life, as well as some significant decisions.

This can be done in several ways.

However, I will cover the two most common.

The first way is to acknowledge that something in your life was incomplete and that you need to complete it fully.

The second way is to accept that you have to change and that your old habits, beliefs, thoughts, and opinions must be changed.


You don’t have to like the change.


You don’t have to make this change if it’s not desired.

What’s important is that you find a way to embrace it, which brings me to the next task.


align mind body and soul




Accept any change you have requested without interruption, delay, or rejection in a sui generis mind, body, spirit alignment.

Learn to accept even the ones you don’t like.


The acceptance stage of enlightenment.


This is the acceptance stage of enlightenment.

Once you know you can accept change, you can make the shift.

If it was something you wanted to continue, that’s fine, and you’ll continue to work on it.

As long as you do this as soon as possible, you can begin to enjoy the new changes.

As you continue to accept these changes, you can feel them coming and go.

As they go by, you can get a glimmer of what was once happening, but when you stay in the acceptance stage, they’re gone.

It can take a little while to make this move because it’s not something you want to experience.

Still, it’s very doable, and if you allow it to happen, if you accept it, your receiving of all things will only expand—your energy shifts from resistance to acceptance.



Align mind, body, and soul.


Acceptance starts when you accept that you will have many different points of view on many distinct subjects.

This is why it’s so important to open your mind and heart to new ways of thinking.

It’s just as essential to open your mind and spirit to new ways of being.


All things are possible.


Once you’ve gone through this acceptance process, all things are possible.

When you stop resisting, you cease fighting change.

It’s time to live the age of Truth.

That’s when circumstances become attainable, not by chance, but by the fact that you’ve moved to acceptance.


You can’t stop change. Mind, body, soul alignment.


When the time comes for something to change, you will have to make the shift.

You have to get the realization that you have to let it change.

That’s the only way it can change.


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