Emotional, Intuitive Law of Attraction. Subliminal Messages.

Some people think that emotional, intuitive empaths tend to absorb others’ feelings and emotions and can become quickly exhausted (there is a subliminal meaning as well).

Many experts believe that intuitive, emotional empathy is most closely associated with what the scientific data calls sympathy. One research asserts that sympathy overlaps with the emotional component of compassion.

How about the Law of attraction manifestations?

Many practitioners advise the following:

‘Say what you want and mean what you say. You have to be willing to accept your weaknesses, your limits, and yourself to be qualified to make your dream projects come true.’

What if they don’t come true, at least for the time being? What if the desire and the ambition exceed the expectations?

Then, it’s pretty realistic to expect some kind of emotional behavior exceeding the possibilities of the other people to accept as usual.

Emotional empaths can get consumed by friends who are constant complainers who dwell in the negative or narcissists who suck up all the consideration and never reciprocate when they’re feeling down.


intuition and emotion and desire


Use Emotional Intuition to Help You Have a Better Life


Some affirmations you can try are: I am abundant, I am happy, I am content, I AM LIVING.

These emotional affirmations can also be used as a guideline as you make your way through your day.

It will help you be more aware of your actions and words, thus, making you more productive. In addition, they will boost your positivity. In this way, you will become more trusting, cheerful, and enthusiastic.


Repetitio mater studiorum est.


One more thing you can do is do these statements and affirmations every time you walk out the door.

You can also practice them while you are driving and while you are talking on the phone. When you say them, keep them in mind to recite them back to yourself, or you can repeat them to yourself several times.

You can also interpret and replicate these to yourself several times every time you brush your teeth or while you brush your teeth.

This will cause you to feel more abundant, happy, and content.


General affirmations. Intuitive empath dreams…


Affirmation” affirmations do not always need to be repeated to be effective. They are just general statements used to keep the subconscious engaged.

It will keep the subconscious engaged and on track to creating positive results.

So, say these affirmation statements to yourself in various situations in your life.

To avoid the Law of attraction anxiety and various Manifestations of Angst in this matter, read more in this fascinating blog post.

Or here, and here where the Law of attraction love and money seriously step in.

Remember, these affirmations are just guidelines and instructions to keep your awareness engaged.

You are the master of your life and have complete control of it. You are not a slave to your thoughts and your feelings. The subconscious will always respond to your command.

You can make your life more abundant and happy by following these simple life-affirming affirmations.

You can also say them to other people if you want. You may also want to use these affirmations on your boss, manager, coworkers, or colleagues.


african landscape and a lot of sun


“I am abundant, happy, and content.”


If you hear or see “I am abundant, happy, and content” and the speaker is your boss, your boss may wish you would say something to the contrary. There is no compulsion to say the opposite.

I have written another exciting blog post I would suggest for reading: The Law Of Attraction Can Deliver Fast Results. Trigger NOW. It has numerous and profound connections to this text.

If you hear or see the words “I am abundance, happy, and content” and feel the speaker wants you to say something contrary, do not comply. Do not say something contrary to what the speaker says.

Let them have their own glory-moment, and then take command of your mind. You do not need or want their approval.


Only use these affirmations to stay in charge of your mind and keep yourself aligned with your intention.


  • For some people, especially if they have just had a disappointing day, saying “I am abundance, happy, and content” will trigger negative thoughts. So, instead of using these words, wait for some other kind of good feelings.
  • Some people find it hard to say these words. They feel their life sucks, and they want to curse. Do not curse or swear, but if you must say these words, say them slowly and calmly.
  • Even if you have a goal and feel empty or perceive that you have no power, do not give up. Do not give up reading this text or go to that workshop, etc. There is always something that can give you a fresh start and a fresh opportunity. It would be best if you kept moving. There are regularly a million things that can happen that can give you what you need.
  • If you come from an alcoholic home, have been abused, or witnessed domestic violence, you may have an emotional intuitive, negative programming. You may feel powerless and feel that you have no power or influence. Do not give in to any of these thoughts. Take charge and command your mind to say these words.


So, when you say the words “I am abundance, happy, and content” and feel empty and feel like you have no power or influence, then use these words to command your mind and get yourself back on course.


boring minutes


You must be the captain of your own ship.


You must be the leader.

You must say the words in a calm, assertive voice. Do not hide behind someone else’s back. Do not feel victimized, and do not let yourself be overpowered.

Command your mind to say, “I am abundance, happy, and content,” and command the inner voice to say something like, “Within me and throughout my life, there is enough.”

Then control your mind to offer abundance, happiness, and contentment to yourself.

I cannot emphasize enough that you are the one in charge when you are the captain of your life. It is not in competition with someone else. You are the one who will tell yourself the truth, your truth, and ignore anyone else’s advice.


You are in charge of your life, your happiness, your comfort, and your abundance.


  • It would help if you had enough for yourself and your family, and others should not be a reason for you not giving to others. A wife should not worry if her husband has enough money for the family. When they go on vacation, he should know that his wife will have enough money for the trip, and that is true abundance.
  • A mother should teach her child that, yes, their mother has enough for herself and their own needs, but that no, their mother will not let them stay out all night if their mother has had to go out to work. Their mother should not worry about their father having enough money to buy something for the house or go on a trip. Their mother should just appreciate their father for caring enough for themselves and their own needs, which is true abundance.
  • A daughter should tell her daughter that yes, in fact, their mother is too busy for her daughter to help their mother with anything. However, their mother is thinking of them and should be left alone to think about themselves. Their mother should tell their daughter that their father’s work is essential and that any lack of employment is okay and that they should know that their father would always be there for them. Their mother should tell their daughter that their father was there for them even when their mother was ill and that their father really is a great person.


The emotional & intuitive facets. Never forget…


As a captain of your own life, you should never forget that you provide for yourself and your family each moment you are alive.

As a captain, you should never forget that each moment is an opportunity to make a decision, be a victor and never be a victim, and be victorious. It would help if you remembered that each moment is the first moment of a new beginning and that each moment is the victor.

By the way, just in case you were wondering, yes, there are good and bad examples of each emotion.


emotional intuitive thinking


Sometimes it is hard to tell the distinction.


So, if your feelings are jumping up and down, just remember to think “Good,” and you will be much happier. If your emotions are jumping up and down, just think “Bad,” and you will be much less optimistic. Just try it and see what happens. Maybe it will help you out (more advice here; click the link, and it will open a new window in your pre-existing browser).


To create a sensitive, intuitive change in your life, you need to do something.


This something needs to be something you don’t like doing. It would be best if you decided what the difference should be.

I mean, I was asking myself this question. “What is the idea I want to take root in my mind?”

This is the thing you listen to. That idea becomes the change you want in your life.

Listen to subliminal messages as often as possible—one more reason for overhearing.


You will attract what you are imagining and feeling.


Subliminal messages are compelling.

Suppose you like to use subliminal messages daily. In that case, you’ll start seeing results in as little as one week of daily listening.

First of all, you need to make sure you are listening to the right kind of message. Many subliminal messages contain spiritual communication, but not all.

The right type of subliminal message for you can be determined by an experiment you can perform. Your right kind of message can be determined by listening to subliminal for several days.

This experiment is straightforward. All you need is a well-designed series of subliminal.


The messages need to sound convincing.


That is, they should make you believe the idea they are affirming. You can listen to the subliminal words, and you’ll probably feel that it is true, but you may be tricked into thinking it is something else.

Your subconscious mind can be tricked.

That is, the subconscious mind can pick up on lies, or illusions, or thoughts planted into it to present those thoughts as truth. So, it would help if you were sure that what the subliminal is affirming is really true.

In addition, the right kind of subliminal message is a message that is more or less disguised as a negative.

In other words, the right kind of emotional intuitive, subliminal message shouldn’t sound like the negative emotion or idea that it is changing.

For example, many of the subliminal messages you get are very positive. Still, they sound negative when you listen to them. One example is a list of things you hate about yourself.

Another example is something like this: “I’m not attractive.” This kind of list isn’t so good.


empathic intuitive moments


You want to pick messages that sound like you say them.


Listening to your affirmations should sound like you say them. For example, if someone says this list, it should sound something like this:

* I am attractive * I am healthy * I am wealthy * I am happy * I am smart * I am kind * I am ready *, etc.

Another critical thing to know is that the subliminal should make you feel a certain way after listening to it. For example, if your affirmation makes you feel “awkward,” you want your subliminal to be something that makes you think something like “amazing.”

* Subliminal affirmations should make you feel something like “Amazing” * Your feelings should make you want to tell someone what you had learned * If you have the same feelings as you felt when you heard your affirmations, it is a strong indicator that your subconscious mind has accepted them as accurate * The more you tell people what you have learned, the more you learn. * The more you listen to your affirmations, the more empowered you will feel * The more empowered you feel, the more you will do * The more you do, the more money you will attract * and so on.


How do you create a subliminal meaning?


Well, first, you need to be confident that what you want to make is a good thing and that you really desire it. That is, you must know in your heart that what you want is desirable for yourself and that you really require.

Then you must find the right audio for you, and that is, the subliminal audio must match your feelings exactly.

You may have seen the title of the video as “What is subliminal?” Well, if you know what you want, and it gets you excited, you should do the affirmation of the video.

It should be like watching a video that makes you feel a certain way, so you should do the assertion like in that video.

Then it would be best if you were sure that you tell someone about it. Again, this is an important step. People respond positively to those who tell them something they want (more on this fascinating matter here and here).


This is how the Law of attraction works. Sometimes it uses subliminal meanings.


Subliminal audio is the best method to create what you want because you will feel the result of listening to the audio as you want it to happen (Well, intuitive people and sensitive people belong to different types and their physical symptoms physical empaths are in various categories.

In fact, an intuitive empath, an emotional empath, and a physical empath or an earth empath sense different  – let’s count in a large range of earth empaths, plant empaths, emotional empaths, or other empath or empaths).

Once you know what you want and how you want to think, once you have created it, go get it.

The Law of attraction will always find you a way to get what you desire.

You are the creator, which means you are the controller.

You can direct your lives based on the principles of the Law of attraction.

You can guide yourself towards what you want, and your lives will turn into autopilot.


sensitive intuitive empath image


Frequently Asked Questions


What is emotional, intuitive thinking?

In some cases, this is also known as an Emotional Impediment. This is when a person perceives that something in the environment will disturb or interrupt him. In other cases, this is sometimes known as Emotional Memory, when a person can retrieve a vision in his mind that he had experienced decades ago as if he had just experienced the event in the present.

Are narcissists intuitive?

In my humble opinion and experience, I have seen a wide range of behaviors, but I have not personally observed the behavior in someone I have seen it in. Some are very high level, many are middle level, and a few are low. In the middle are what we would term manipulators. They may use charm, flattery, lies, or exaggerations. They have some ability to mimic friendliness and concern. They can be charming and persuasive.

What are the varied activities that use intuitive thinking and the subliminal meanings and messages?

There are many kinds of activities that use intuitive thinking. Many of them are often quite dangerous. A person can experience a severe injury or an accidental death when a hazardous tool is handed to its user.fear anxiety angst law of aggression

What is intuitive speaking?

William Pease describes emotional, intuitive speaking as a type of psychotherapy involving tapping a person’s voice, attention, touch, and attitude. It is often accomplished in pairs or small groups.

What is an individuality complex?

An individuality complex is the combination of characteristics such as extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, intuition, and sensation – the most often used term for the entire personality type. It is said to make the individual more open and flexible, able to “see the good in people, people in the wider community and the wider world.”

How can you make the Law of attraction always work for you? What about the subliminal meaning of it?

Please take note of what it is that you want to manifest. Remember that the Law of attraction always finds you, no matter what.



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