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The method we use ourselves in daily activities may appear safe. What feasible risk could there be in a little excess stress as you comb your teeth or answer your phone? The answer is the Power of Practice

We are all creatures of habit and repeat the exact same patterns of tension whenever we open a door, click a mouse or transform our heads. We duplicate each straightforward motion numerous times throughout our lives, constantly reinforcing the level of effort, rush and compression that selects it. This embeds regular patterns a little much deeper each time.

Over years of repeating, the collected stress as well as compression will make you look and feel old, can hinder your health and wellness and also wheelchair and also you will certainly find you no longer have the energy to waste.

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As contemporary life gets a lot more forced, sedentary, as well as incorporeal, it seems a lot more crucial to be knowledgeable about our habits of body and mind.

The Alexander Method teaches you how to use yourself with even more skill and awareness, so you are not regularly creating excess pressure and also strain, and you spare on your own years of unneeded damages. You can discover to change the way you use on your own at any moment in the day to improve the quality of your every movement.

The Method offers you a choice about how you execute any kind of day-to-day activity. Applying Alexander’s skills will decrease the quantity of wasted initiative, simplify every task and clarify your considering just how you do every little thing. And also you have the remainder of your life to practice and get better!