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My name is Maria Simmons (I’ve chosen a pen name; I hope it sounds good; don’t most writers do it in this manner?).
This blog intends to focus on what is known generally as the Law of Attraction.
Actually, I believe most readers would be interested in finding out how to get more money, more wealth, more health from the Universe.
However, what is extremely important is the fact that getting rich wouldn’t imply becoming mean towards one’s fellows.
The Law of Attraction opens wide these gates, of simultaneously thinking good, doing beneficial things for your community, and becoming rich and fortunate.
They coexist; they do not contradict themselves.
I shall expand these ideas later as the blog is just starting now; my thoughts are clear, but they are not yet crystal clear.
Thanks for your interest

Maria Simmons


P.S. Please, observe that English is not my first language. If it “sounds” a little bit weird, please, excuse my skills.

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